Operation Iraqi Freedom

Casualties from All Causes in Iraq Since
the "End of Major Combat Operations"
May 1, 2003

"Major combat operations in Iraq have ended"
President George W. Bush, May 1, 2003

On-Going US Casualty Count:
as of December 18, 2004

Killed - 1,158 (8.27/1,000 troops)
(based on a rough figure of 140,000 troops total)
904 from hostilities (78.1%)

Death Rates in Perspective:
American Civil War - 164/1,000 troops
World War II - 66/1,000 troops
Korea - 77/1,000 troops
Operation Desert Storm - .66/1,000 troops
(based on all troops serving)

And for the statistically-challenged Brit Hume:

"...statistically speaking U.S. soldiers have less of a chance of dying from all causes in Iraq than citizens have of being murdered in California, which is roughly the same geographical size."
Brit Hume, August 26, 2003 Fox News
Iraq - 591 deaths in one year (May 1, 2003-May 1, 2004) among 140,000 troops = 4.22 deaths/1,000
California - 2,400 homicides in one year among 34,500,000 people = .069 deaths/1,000
In other words, a soldier in Iraq was 61 times more likely to be killed
than the average Californian was of being murdered!

Figure for all casualties, as of 12/18/2004

Map of US Casualties in Iraq through 6/15/04
Figure for all casualties, as of 10/8/2005

On-Going Coalition Casualty Count:
as of December 18, 2004

Killed - 116
86 from hostilities (74.1%)

CENTCOM press releases (http://www.centcom.mil/CENTCOMNews/casualties.asp)
Department of Defense press releases (http://www.defenselink.mil/releases/)
Iraq Coalition Casualty Count (http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx)
Faces of Valor (http://www.militarycity.com/valor/honor2.html)


100 Days Out:
An Analysis of Casualties Since
"Victory" Was Declared in Iraq
May 1-August 25, 2003

An analysis of the nature of US casualties in Iraq during the
first 100 days after Bush declared, "Mission accomplished."

One Year Later:
Figures, Graphs, and Maps of the Casualties Incurred
Since the "End of Major Combat Operations"
May 1, 2003 - April 30, 2004

The Man Really Does Make the Difference
The Coalitions Built by George Bush 41 & George Bush 43


Since Operation Iraqi Freedom began, several countries have dropped out of the coalition.  As of March 22, 2006, the Netherlands, Ukrain, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Nicaragua, Honduras, Norway, Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Thailand, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Moldova, and Tonga have withdrawn all of their combat forces.

Archived maps

Progress of the Campaign
Overview - March 21, 24, 26, 27,28, 31, April 2, 4, 8
Mesopotamian Front - March 27, 28, 31, April 2, 4, 8

"Sometimes I think war is God's way of teaching us geography."
Paul Rodriguez 
Updated March 22, 2006