Schedule of Papers & Events

(2009 Conference)



Department of English and Modern Languages
Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy
Longwood History Club
Longwood Literature Club
The Cook-Cole College of Arts and Science
Office of Academic Affairs

General Schedule
(panels below)

Friday, 27 March

Noon—5 pm: Registration (Science Bldg Atrium)
2:15—3:30pm: Session #1
3:30—3:45pm: Afternoon Refreshments
3:45—5:15pm: Session #2
6:30—8:00pm: Reception and Banquet
(Featuring Medieval Music by Otter's Court)
8:00—9:00pm: First Plenary Address

Saturday, 28 March

8:30—9:15am: Continental Breakfast
9:30—10:45am: Session#3
11:00—12:30am: Second Plenary Address
12:30—2:15pm: Lunch
2:15—3:30pm: Session #4 (A & B)
3:30—3:45pm: Afternoon Break
3:45—5:15pm: Session #5
7:00—8:00pm: Medieval Mystery Play (Johns Memorial Episcopal Church)

Sessions and Speakers

Friday, 27 March

SESSION #1:  2:15—3:30pm
On the Edges of Chaucer
Chair: Larissa Tracy, Longwood University

  • “The Great Schism of Palamon and Arcite”
    Samantha Diaz, Longwood University

  • “Tops and Bottoms: Achieving Sexual Equality in Chaucer’s The Wife of Bath’s Tale
    Samantha Cash, Longwood University

  • “A Knight There Wasn’t: The Facade of Chivalry in Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale
    Andrew Schroeder, Longwood University

SESSION #2:  3:45—5:00pm
Chair: Steven Isaac, Longwood University

  • “In the Army of God”
    Elizabeth Riley, Longwood University

  • “Life in the Prophet’s Household ”
    Katelyn Romaine, Longwood University
RECEPTION & BANQUET: 6:00–8:00, Lewis and Nance Rooms, Dorrill Hall

FIRST PLENARY ADDRESS:  8:00—9:00pm, Lewis Room, Dorrill Hall

Dr. Theresa Vann
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
“The Case of the Missing Manuscript: Finding the Lost Letter of Berenguela of Castile ”

Saturday, 28 March

SESSION #3:  9:30—10:45am
Crossing Boundaries: Islam and the West
Chair: Theresa Vann, Hill Monastic Manuscript Library

  • “The Nizari Assassins: Facts and Fictions”
    Richard Luke Fulcher, Longwood University

  • “Dying For God?: Questions of Chivalry in the Song of Roland
    Alicia Spangler, Longwood University

  • “Setting Up Peace: the Muslim Conquest of Spain”
    Aimee Mowles, Longwood University


Dr. Jeff Massey
Molloy College
“Where the Wild Things Are (Not Wild Things):  Locating the Medieval Monstrous”

SESSION #4A:  2:00—3:30pm
Saints, Sinners, and the Otherworld
Chair: Jeff Massey, Molloy College

  • “The Saint-Kings of the High Middle Ages”
    David Fletcher, Longwood University

  • “Emerging from the Golden Age of Christianity in Ireland”
    Elyse Lyons, Georgetown University

  • “Beyond the Fringe: Exploring the Otherworld in Medieval Myth and Folklore”
    Ryan T. Goodman, East Carolina University

SESSION #4B:  2:00—3:30pm
Agency in the Margins
Chair: Wendy Hoofnagle, University of Northern Iowa

  • “‘I’m Not Dead Yet’: Patterns of Victim’s Agency in Medieval Texts in Britain”
    Melissa Ridley-Elmes, Longwood University

  • “Exalted or Ignoble: Women Examined in the Lanval Tales of Marie de France and Thomas Chestre ”
    Lauren Berberich, University of Northern Iowa

  • Parallels in Rejection: Andreas Capellanus's  The Art of Courtly Love and Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde
    Patrick Day, University of Mississippi

SESSION #5:  3:45—5:15pm
Monsters in Manuscripts: Art, Image, and the Written Word
Chair: Mary Prevo, Hampden-Sydney College

  • “How Monstrous is Melusine?”
    Brittany Stoll, Radford University

  • “Middle Earth from Middle Europe: Medieval Manuscripts as an Inspiration for Tolkien”
    Jonathan Massulo, Radford University

  • “Chaucer’s Augustinian Painting of Satan: The Devil as ‘Goddes Instrument’ ”
    Austin Rickels, University of Northern Iowa