2012 Schedule of Papers & Events



The Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences
Office of the Longwood Vice-President/Provost
Department of English and Modern Languages
Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy
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General Schedule
(Specific speakers & panels are below the general schedule. Friday's sessions will be in Blackwell Hall's Virginia Room, and registration in the Prince Edward Room (Building #11 on the official campus map), and the Saturday sessions in Chichester G12, Building #15.)

Friday, 23 March

Noon—5 pm: Registration (Prince Edward Room)
1:00—2:15pm: Session #1
2:15—2:30pm: Break / Refreshments
2:30—3:45pm: Session #2
3:45—4:00pm: Break / Refreshments
4:00—5:15pm: Session #3
5:00—6:00pm: Play: “Robin Hood & the Potter”
6:00—7:00pm: Reception
7:00—8:00pm: Banquet
8:00—9:00pm: First Plenary Address

Saturday, 24 March

8:30—11:15am: Continental Breakfast
9:00—10:15am: Session #4
10:30—11:45am: Session #5
11:45—1:15pm: Lunch
1:30—2:20pm: Second Plenary Address
2:20—2:30pm: Afternoon Break
2:30—3:45pm: Session #6
4:00—4:30pm: Summary Lecture
4:30—5:30pm: Special Event: Balista

Sessions and Speakers

Friday, 23 March

SESSION #1:  1:00—2:15pm
Women & Power
Chair: Dr. Larissa Tracy, Longwood University
  • “Mothers, Daughters and Sister-Wives: Women and Violence in Gregory of Tours’ History of the Franks
    W. Clay Greeley, Shenandoah University

  • “Word, Spirit, and Power: Women, Authority, and Prophecy in Early and Late Antique Christianity”
    Mitchell Locklear, Coastal Carolina University

  • “Chaucer: Men vs. Women and the Conflict between Age and Idiocy”
    Crystal Knappenberger, Winthrop University

  • “Gender Balance and Chaucer’s Wife of Bath”
    Paul Thompson, Longwood University
SESSION #2:  2:30—3:45pm
Holy Books
Chair: Dr. Vibeke Olson, UNC–Wilmington
  • “Bede, the Lindisfarne Gospels, and Ecclesiastical Politics in Northumbria”
    Margaret Hennessy , George Mason University

  • “Books As Mirrors for Medieval Women”
     Jenny Johnstone, Radford University

  • “Tables of Power: Women, Feasting and the Medieval Court”
    Sara Briers, Radford University
SESSION #3:  4:00—5:15pm
Chair: Dr. Bonnie Wheeler, Southern Methodist University

  • “She's (not) a Witch!: Idolatry in the Penitential of Theodore”
    Melissa Lavoy, Shenandoah University

  • “Gender Instability: The Monstrosity of the Independent S/he”
     Caden John Campbell, Sweet Briar College

  • “The Role of the Demon: A Subconscious Mechanism Against Authority in 14th to 17th-Century Europe”
    Michael Tomaselli, UNC-Wilmington 
  • “Robin Hood & the Potter”
    Shenandoah University
RECEPTION 6:00–7:00
Free and open to the public—Dorrill Hall, Nance Room Foyer

BANQUET: 7:00–8:00
(By advance registration only) Dorrill Hall, Nance Room

FIRST PLENARY ADDRESS:  8:00—9:00pm, Lewis Room, Dorrill Hall

Dr. Bonnie Wheeler
Southern Methodist University
“600th Anniversary of Joan of Arc: "Lady" Joan D'Arc and the Court of Charles VII”

Saturday, 24 March

SESSION #4:  9:00—10:15am
Military History
Chair: Dr. Steven Isaac, Longwood University

  • “Naval Operations in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Crusading Epoch”
    William Cabot-Bryans, Longwood University

  • “The Passage of the First Crusade”
    Christopher Randolph Cheatham II

  • “Early Medieval Irish Sword Manufacture and Design”
     Eric Spivey, Appalachian State University

  • “The End of the Knight: The Road from Brave Warrior to Popular Jouster”
     Michelle Littlejohn, Appalachian State University

SESSION 5:  10:30—11:45am
Women and Law
Chair: Dr. Mary Valante, Appalachian State University

  • “Women in Anglo-Saxon Law as Legislated and Practiced”
    David Noel, University of Mary Washington

  • “Laws, Queens, and Goddesses: Medb and the Táin: a Reconsideration”
    Courtney M. Selvage, Sweet Briar College

  • “Common Women or Communal Women? The Church's Influence on Perceptions of Prostitutes in Medieval England”
     Rose Buchanan, Appalachian State University


Dr. Cliff Rogers
United States Military Academy, West Point
“The Symbolism of Edward III's Garter Insigne”

SESSION 6:  2:30—3:45pm
Romancing the Monster
Chair: Melissa Ridley Elmes, UNC–Greensboro

  • “A Giant Misunderstanding”
    Danielle Bean, Assumption College

  • “Unaltered Beasts: Transformations in the ‘Beastly Bridegroom’ Tradition of Folklore”
    Lauren Babineau, Sweet Briar College

  • “Chaucer's ‘Doctryne,’ the Knight's ‘Noble Storie": The Tale of Melibee as a Critique of The Knight's Tale in The Canterbury Tales
     Austin Reid Reiter, Appalachian State University

  • “Appropriating Fin'amor in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Pearl
     Sally Beeson, Winthrop University

SUMMARY LECTURE: 4:00—4:30pm

Laurent Hablot
Centre d'Études Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale
Université de Poitiers
“Princely Badges and Emblems at the End of the Middle Ages”

SPECIAL EVENT :  4:45—5:30pm
  • Testing a Re-created Balista
    Christopher Purches, William Cabot-Bryan, Paul Thompson, Longwood University


  • “The York Crucifixion” — Performance at Johns Memorial Episcopal Church, 400 High Street (across from Ruffner)
    Brittany Alsup, Courtney Christiansen, Kayleen Covert, Michael Mason, Nicole Tuberty, Kishante Muhammad,
    Murray State University