2013 Schedule of Papers & Events



The Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences
Office of the Longwood Vice-President/Provost
Department of English and Modern Languages
Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy
Longwood Chapter of Lambda Iota Tau
Longwood History Club

General Schedule

(Specific speakers & panels are below the general schedule. Both the Friday and Saturday sessions will be in Blackwell Hall's Virginia Room, and registration in the Prince Edward Room (Building #11 on the official campus map).

Friday, 5 April

Noon—5 pm: Registration (Prince Edward Room)
1:00—2:15pm: Session #1
2:15—2:20pm: Break / Refreshments
2:20—3:35pm: Session #2
3:35—3:45pm: Break / Refreshments
3:45—5:00pm: Session #3
6:00—7:00pm: Reception
7:00—8:00pm: Banquet
8:00—9:00pm: First Plenary Address

Saturday, 6 April

8:30—11:15am: Continental Breakfast (Prince Edward)
9:00—10:15am: Session #4
10:30—11:45am: Session #5
11:45—1:30pm: Lunch
1:45—2:45pm: Second Plenary Address
2:45—3:00pm: Afternoon Break
3:00—4:15pm: Session #6
4:30—5:30pm: Session #7(incl. fencing demonstration)
7:00–7:45pm: Medieval Drama: Herod

Sessions and Speakers

Friday, 5 April

SESSION #1:  1:00—2:15pm
Things are Not as They Seem
Chair: Dr. Larissa Tracy, Longwood University
  • “The Holy Lance at Antioch: Relics and Propaganda in the First Crusade
    Kristen Finchum, Longwood University

  • “Economic Changes after the Black Death”
    Clinton C. James, Longwood University

  • “The Price of Poetry”
    Lindsay Graybill, Longwood University
SESSION #2:  2:20—3:35pm
Wild Men of the North
Chair: Dr. Mary Valante, Appalachian State University
  • “Alfred the Great’s Innovative Defense of Wessex”
    Kasey Dye, Longwood University

  • “Class Structure in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature”
     Ian Karamarkovich, Longwood University

  • “National Identity and Religious Motifs in Snorri Sturluson’s Edda
    Emily Davidson, Longwood University
SESSION #3:  3:45—5:00pm
Taming the Wild
Chair: Mary Prevo, Hampden-Sydney College
  • “The Archaeology of a Medieval Village: Willingham, Cambridgeshire”
    Allison Whitlock, Notre Dame University

  • “Where the Wild Things Are: Seeing Ireland From Your House”
     Holli Mahala, Radford University

  • “The Hereford Map”
    Marissa Clark, Radford University
RECEPTION 6:00–7:00
Free and open to the public—Dorrill Hall, Nance Room Foyer

BANQUET: 7:00–8:00
(By advance registration only) Dorrill Hall, Nance Room

FIRST PLENARY ADDRESS:  8:00—9:00pm, Lewis Room, Dorrill Hall

Dr. Luc Bourgeois
Université de Poitiers
“Origins and Changes in the Game of Chess in the West”

Saturday, 6 April

SESSION #4:  9:00—10:15am
Whither the Wild...
Chair: Dr. Steven Isaac, Longwood University

  • “Violent Times, Vehement People and Vicious Beasts”
    Kenna Crane, Radford University

  • “Nature, Nurture, and Gender in the Roman de Silence
    Faith Holley, Wofford College

  • “Merlin, Jedi Master or...”
     Daniel Catalano, Molloy College

  • “Dead King Walking”
     Caitlin Breen, Molloy College

SESSION 5:  10:30—11:45am
Wild Women
Chair: Dr. Susanne Hafner, Fordham University

  • “Brynhild: Wild Woman or Agent of Fate?”
    Katy Lewis, Longwood University

  • “More Than a Sight of God: Medieval Female Visionaries”
    Caity Mans, Flagler College

  • “The Female Relationship in Le Roman de Silence
     Molly Brady, Wofford College


Dr. Lorraine Stock
University of Houston
“Medieval Forms of Wildness and Their Modern Avatars: Wild People, Green Men, Sheela na Gigs”

SESSION 6:  3:00—4:15pm
Defining the Wild
Chair: Dr. Natalie Grinnell, Wofford College

  • “On the Mosaics of Ravenna”
    Nicholas Monahan, University of Virginia

  • “Codicological Research on the Venerable Bede’s De Natura Rerum
    Amy Gembara, Fordham University

  • “After the Schism: Lingering Religious Hostility in NYPL MS Spencer 103”
    Edward Zukowski, Fordham University

SESSION 7:  4:30—5:30pm
Stepping into the Wild

  • “Meeting Middle English in the Middle: The York Crucifixion at Longwood, Spring 2012”
    Brittany Carol Alsup, Murray State University
  • Fencing Demonstration
    Tom Leoni, Catholic University


  • Herod — Performance
    Murray State University