At Longwood November means...

LipSync Battles

Find your groove at LipSync in a packed and energized Jarman Hall

LipSync Tradition

LipSync Battles
Thanksgiving Traditions

Baked Alaska. Turkey served family-style. Need we say more?

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Traditions
Hardwood Heroics

Catch the spirit in Willett Hall and cheer the Lancers to victory!

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Hardwood Heroics
Cooking & Culture

Cooking and learning go together like forks and knives at the Iron Chef showdown

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Cooking & Culture


The Joan of Arc monument, Longwood’s third of the 15th-century French heroine, was dedicated Friday after more than three years of work by a renowned Scottish artist
The campus community gathered on Friday morning to get the first up-close look at Longwood’s towering new monument to Joan of Arc, the university’s patron hero.

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Paige Robertson ’19
Paige Robertson ’19: star student, soccer player, Rhodes Scholar nominee

Paige Robertson—a criminal justice major with 3.97 GPA and a passion for working to help overcome the opioid epidemic—is a 2018 nominee for Rhodes Scholarship.

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After nearly two years of preparation, Longwood set a new bar for what universities can achieve in hosting a debate.

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Members of the Longwood family are spread far and wide, but stay connected through reunions and innovative partnerships with current Lancers.

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When the scarves wave, Lancer pride soars. And when we rock Willett Hall during home games, it’s an experience no one will forget.