At Longwood November means...

Thanksgiving Traditions

Baked Alaska. Turkey served family-style. Need we say more?

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Traditions
Iron Chef Showdown

The mystery ingredient: cross-cultural learning

Event Details

Iron Chef Showdown
Lancer Madness

That roar coming from Willett? Just Lancers getting their spirit on.


Lancer Madness
LipSync Battles

Find your groove at LipSync in a packed and energized Jarman Hall

LipSync Tradition

LipSync Battles


Cameron Reuss and Olivia Mehalko
As Longwood students Olivia Mehalko and Cameron Reuss knelt in the dirt and carefully unearthed the remains of a 1,000-year-old Native American hearth, they came across what would seem to be a common find.

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Jamelle Bouie
Noted political journalist Jamelle Bouie to speak on race and democracy Nov. 29

In sharp, daily columns and on network television news roundtables, Slate’s Jamelle Bouie has emerged as one of the few political journalists breaking through the hurried day-to-day and delivering in-depth historical perspective and critical thought.

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After nearly two years of preparation, Longwood set a new bar for what universities can achieve in hosting a debate.

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Members of the Longwood family are spread far and wide, but stay connected through reunions and innovative partnerships with current Lancers.

Alumni & Friends


When the scarves wave, Lancer pride soars. And when we rock Willett Hall during home games, it’s an experience no one will forget.