Students participating in MLK challengeWe are a nation of neighbors, a constellation of individuals connected in communities small and large; the forward motion of our culture depends on our active, daily participation. Longwood graduates citizen leaders who embody the values required to advance communities: a commitment to learning, critical thinking, selflessness and personal integrity.

In Our Curriculum

Civil Rights Class

Longwood classrooms cultivate inquiry, principled critique and active discourse; we challenge students and ourselves to ask the hard questions, inviting diverse perspectives into a holistic understanding of any subject. We extend students' academic coursework outside the classroom walls, partnering with communities in sustained, intentional ways.

In Daily Student Life

Relay for life

Many Longwood students arrive on campus not sure what citizen leadership will look like for them. We help each student develop a strong sense of self from which they begin to influence their communities. We encourage students to think not only critically, but ethically, channeling passion into meaningful forward progress.