A Day In The Life

What It's Like to Be a Lancer

A day at Longwood is anything but mundane.

At any minute on central campus, there’s bound to be something happening—from students handing out freebies next to the CHI fountain as a WMLU DJ plays pop hits to students sitting in the shade next to Rotunda fountain, waiting for friends to get out of class. Or maybe it’s a quick coffee and sandwich in Upchurch before a club meeting. Or simply enjoying the timeless beauty of a sunset over the historic campus grounds. Join us as we take you through a typical spring day* at Longwood.

6:17 am

It’s dawn at Longwood. As the sun rises over Lankford Hall and the crape myrtles and pines that line Stubbs Mall, campus begins to stir.

7:56 am

Joan of Arc stands watch as students make their way into Bedford Hall for their first class of the day. This statue—the third on campus depicting the French heroine—was created by famed Scottish sculptor Alexander Stoddart and dedicated in 2018.

9:32 am

Facilities staff construct the famous booths for clubs and organizations that is one of the highlights of Spring Weekend. Thousands of students will pass by these structures in the next two days, picking up swag and celebrating life at Longwood.

9:58 am

Art portfolios can be awkward to carry across campus, but seeing friends makes it easier.

10:03 am

It’s not just small classes that are the hallmark of a Longwood education but also the fact that those small classes are taught by full-time professors. Dr. Elif Guler, associate professor of English, takes extra time to explain a point to students in Grainger Hall.

10:42 am

Class change. The original face of Joan of Arc on campus—affectionately known as “Joanie on the Stony”—stays silently watchful in the front lobby of the Rotunda as students make their way to the next class of the day.

10:52 am

Outside, change of classes means you’re more than likely to run into a friend on Brock Commons.

11:14 am

Every day brings new challenges in the classroom. In a cross-disciplinary collaboration, painting students joined a biology class to paint petri dishes with bioluminescent bacteria—resulting in eerily glowing pieces of art.

11:18 am

Some of the best studying comes in atypical places—in this case in your bedroom, where you can spread out and go through course material in comfort.

11:32 am

Sometimes, all you need is a latte. Thankfully the Starbucks in Upchurch University Center is ready for you whenever you need that midday pick-me-up.

11:39 am

With a campus as beautiful as this, there’s no place better than sitting outside with friends on a sunny spring day.

12:15 pm

Break time. Who’s up for a quick game of Super Smash Bros. on the first floor of Upchurch University Center...

12:22 pm

...Or a bite to eat with friends from Panda Express, FarmGrill or Au Bon Pain?

12:30 pm

From time to time, we all need a little luck. If you’re a Longwood student, that means stepping on one of the seven Princeps crowns on sidewalks around campus. Students have been known to go out of their way to secure a bit of good fortune.

12:54 pm

“Where do you want to meet?” “Where else? Rotunda fountain.”

12:57 pm

Constructing theatre sets: where creativity and skill with a tape measure combine to produce stunning backdrops for productions.

1:02 pm

Who’s a good boy? Even our canine pals need a place to cool off on warm Virginia days.

1:04 pm

A late lunch at FarmGrill means a burger and fries that hit the spot after a long morning in the classroom.

1:16 pm

How can you imagine life at Longwood? Take an admissions tour given by an Ambassador in this case, senior communication studies major Michael Carpenter who will tell you the ins and outs of daily life at the Wood.

1:34 pm

Kyle Hodges (right), assistant director of campus career engagement, is happy to go over all the options available to students for internships or networking for their first job after graduation.

1:40 pm

Each year our students spend more than 58,000 hours volunteering. It’s common most days to see students representing some of the more than 175 clubs and organizations on campus rallying for a cause they are passionate about. Getting involved and taking a leadership role on campus is one hallmark of the Longwood experience.

1:43 pm

Student clubs and orgs regularly set up near the CHI fountain on Brock Commons with fun activities to promote causes and events on campus. Snow cones are always a big hit!

1:54 pm

The Farmville Area Bus (FAB) runs throughout the town of Farmville. Anyone with a Longwood student ID rides free! The FAB serves as a shuttle service to campus for those students living in Lancer Park and Longwood Village.

1:59 pm

One of the best parts of living in a small, close-knit community is our walkable campus. Most students live on campus or very close by, which makes it easy to walk to class—and run into friends and professors along the way.

2:09 pm

Students often enjoy classes outside surrounded by the beauty of our historic campus where old blends with new, like the more than 15-feet-tall bronze statue of Joan of Arc dedicated in 2018.

2:20 pm

The state-of-the art broadcast studio in French Hall is a cornerstone of the digital media concentration, giving communication studies majors hands-on experience and a leg up in a highly competitive job market.

2:39 pm

Class are small enough that students can establish a relationship with professors, like Dr. Sujan Henkanaththegedara, an assistant professor of biology.

2:51 pm

While academics are important, so is socializing with friends. Generations of Longwood students have used Wheeler Mall as a top spot for campus recreation.

3:24 pm

Greenwood Library is a hub of student activity, providing spaces to read, research and study.

3:55 pm

Among the not-so-hidden gems on campus is our 30-foot climbing wall, located in the almost 75,000-square-foot Health and Fitness Center. Many students find that climbing is a good way to decompress and let go of stress.

3:58 pm

As long as the weather is nice, you’ll find brightly colored ENOs decorating the trees around campus—providing the perfect spot to relax.

4:19 pm

The men’s club soccer team warms up for practice. The club is active in the fall and spring, playing in a competitive league, as well as in scrimmages and tournaments.

4:27 pm

The $16 million Health and Fitness Center, opened in 2007, serves as the hub of campus recreation. Here students have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities such as the powerlifting room.

4:37 pm

It’s common to find a friendly game of pickup basketball in progress on one of the two basketball courts in the Health and Fitness Center.

5:04 pm

Meet your friends for dinner in D-hall, where student favorites include the pizza and pasta bars. Also, two words: ice cream!

5:40 pm

Group exercise classes in the Health and Fitness Center and Midtown Fitness are a staple of many students’ weekly fitness routine.

5:50 pm

Insta-worthy! No graduate leaves Longwood without a photo in his or her cap and gown in front of the historic and iconic Rotunda. This is hands-down the most photographed spot on campus.

6:35 pm

An enthusiastic crowd was on hand to cheer the Lancer’s softball team to an 11-6 victory over UVA. It was one of 37 wins in the team’s journey to winning the Big South championship for the fifth time in seven seasons.

7:12 pm

The spring musical performance of Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill: A Musical Voyage featured an all-student cast showing off their theatrical and vocal talents by singing more than 30 songs.

7:18 pm

WMLU DJ Jenn Hall is spinning hits in the studio for her weekly Tuesday Tunes show. WMLU is believed to be the only fully student-run college radio station in Virginia.

7:20 pm

One of the most anticipated traditions of the spring semester is GreekSync, when Greek organization teams rock Jarman and battle it out for the chance to earn the coveted title of GreekSync Champion.

7:43 pm

With the last sunlight of the day illuminating the red brick and classic white columns, dusk is one of the best times to capture the true beauty of campus in a photograph.

7:54 pm

The Upchurch University Center is a popular spot for students to study or meet with friends. The new student center opened in 2018 and is open until midnight all week.

8:58 pm

Downtown Farmville remains a well-traveled destination at night, even more so with the addition of several new restaurants and live music venues in recent months.

9:16 pm

Trivia, horseshoes or cornhole, anyone? Third Street Brewing is one of the local watering holes near campus that is popular with students.

10:22 pm

There’s no more fitting place to bid adieu for the night than at the iconic Rotunda fountain—part-time pool, bench, photo backdrop, meeting place, landmark and friend. G’night all!

* Editor's Note: While all these photos represent what you would see on a typical early April day at Longwood, most of these photos were taken over a one-week time span (our photographers needed a little break :)).