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Olivia Duman

Northern Virginia

(434) 395-2060

Text me at (434) 207-6514


I am a huge fan of 2 things: the Harry Potter series and my cat, Rucco. You know that scene from Prisoner of Azkaban where Draco is attacked by Buckbeak? That's Rucco and me.

Madison Gregory

I have been a Steelers fan all of my life and am always looking forward to the fall season when Football is back on TV! Lets go Yinz!

Brandi Eggleton

Northern Virginia

(434) 395-2060

Text me at (434) 207-6514


As a sports-fanatic and outdoor enthusiast, being a student athlete at Longwood and living in the Heart of Virginia was a perfect fit for my college experience.

Brittany Mantiply

I am a wife, mom, traveler and Longwood alum.  I love to dream big and see the world but Farmville, VA and Longwood University will always hold a special place in my heart.

Latrese Parker

I was a first-gen, Army brat with tunnel vision toward law school. It wasn’t until my own college experience that I found my true passion: advocating with and for families to make higher education a real possibility.

McKenzie Rigney

I’m in my recruiter Era! I attended the Taylor Swift concert on behalf of the student newspaper – a life changing opportunity I could only have gotten at Longwood.

Rasheed Walford

Washington D.C. and Out of State

(434) 395-2060

Text me at (434) 207-6514


Whether it was diving into the world of autonomous vehicles or helping students find their perfect college fit, my career has always been driven by a passion for shaping the future.

Jennifer Green

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success

(434) 395-2944


I swam competitively for most of my life - until I got too busy. There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping students succeed, but I am still looking forward to the day I retire and can be back in the water!

Jason “Ferg” Ferguson, M.S. ‘12

Dean of Admissions

(434) 395-2139


I was born and raised in Georgia but I am a huge fan of Alabama football and Atlanta Braves baseball. I've lived in Farmville for over 30 years and am happy to call this place home. Longwood University can be described like that as well…home. I am married to the love of my life and we have a beautiful eight-year old daughter who humbles both of us daily. If you are looking for a college, there are many options. If you are looking for a home, call me.

Aaron Sims '17

Associate Director, Admissions (Engagement)

(434) 395-4840


I’m a central-Virginia local, but if you meet me during football season, you might swear I’m from Dallas. Go Cowboys!

Nicole Gilson '18

Associate Director, Admissions (Recruitment)

(434) 395-4922

Text me at (434) 207-6514


I don't give up. Seriously. Just ask the brewery downtown about my losing bingo streak.