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Nicole Gilson '18

Lead Admissions Counselor

(434) 395-4922

Text me at (434) 207-6514


I wish the hotels in Northern Virginia allowed dogs so my three German Shepherds could come to all the college fairs with me.

Jacob Auerbach '21

Transfer and STEM Counselor

(434) 395-2593

Text me at (434) 207-6514


I am originally from Northern Virginia but when I transferred to Longwood I immediately fell in love with the small town feel, and now Longwood can’t get rid of me!

Briana Vandivier

Washington, D.C.

Admissions Counselor

(434) 395-2592

Text me at (434) 207-6514


In high school I spent a lot of time in D.C. talking to congress and legislators about the importance of funding for K-12 afterschool programming. I’m excited to be back in the area and continuing to spread the importance of educational opportunity!

Crystal Nzewi '21


Admissions Counselor

(434) 395-2591

Text me at (434) 207-6514


People always asked me how I came from Nigeria to Longwood to play tennis. I always answer that Longwood chose me and I am glad it did.

Marcus Marin '20

Richmond & Northern Neck

(434) 395-2879

Text me at (434) 207-6514


When I’m not out recruiting at college fairs, I’m either at Drill for the National Guard, practicing Jiu Jitsu, or sleeping…because all three of those are exhausting.

Charlotte Pfamatter '21

Counselor for STEM

Admissions Counselor

(434) 395-2156

Text me at (434) 207-6514


When I was getting my degree in Environmental Science, my study breaks consisted of eating guacamole and beatboxing. Not at the same time, of course.

Nathan Gowdy '21

Territory: Tidewater

(434) 395-2956

While at Longwood, I was able to be involved in a lot of organizations like our campus radio station, student government, and being our amazing mascot, Elwood.

Emily Heady

Assistant Vice President, Admissions and Retention

(434) 395-2139


I own 164 pairs of shoes - and my favorite place to wear them is on my strolls down Brock Commons.

Sarina Hartman '16

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

(434) 395-2594


As soon as I stepped onto Longwood’s campus during the Honors Retreat my freshman year, I knew this place was a great fit for me. I consider myself lucky to now be able to use the education and transferrable skills I developed as a student here to help the next generation of Lancers.

Aaron Sims '17

Assistant Director, Admissions (Engagement)

(434) 395-4840


I’m a central-Virginia local, but if you meet me during football season, you might swear I’m from Dallas. Go Cowboys!

Waleed Ahmed

Assistant Director of Admissions & Retention

(434) 395-4919


I grew up 45 minutes from the Great Pyramids of Giza and now I live an hour from the closest Egyptian restaurant. Good thing Indian food is my second favorite and Longwood has the amazing Flavors of India right next to campus!