Jason Faulk
Jason Faulk

Dean of Admissions


Why Longwood?   I love D-hall food – breakfast is the best!

You might not know… I’m a 3-time All-American track and field champion, and I ran for Nike’s Junior program.

Johnice Brown
Johnice Brown

Associate Director


Why Longwood?  The excitement of Freshman Move-In Day, and seeing the students and their families trying to get all of their possessions into one room they have to share with a roommate!

You might not know… I love college sports!

Stephanie Carwile
Stephanie Carwile

Assistant to the Dean of Admissions


Why Longwood?  The passionate professors who seek out top-of-the-line opportunities for workshops from the best in their fields.

You might not know… I teach group fitness and volunteer with our local Southside SPCA when not behind my desk.


Waleed Ahmed
Waleed Ahmed

Admissions Counselor
Territory Manager for Washington D.C.& Maryland
Office: (434)395-4919


Why Longwood?  The campus of Longwood provides all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their potential in a global community through high expectations of academic achievement, diverse educational opportunities and community involvement in a safe environment.

You might not know...I took part in the Egyptian revolution of 2011 and helped participate in changing the government and push for democracy. 

Seth Fisher
Seth Fisher

Admissions Counselor 
Territory Manager for Northern Neck & Southside Virginia 
Office: (434)395-2593


Why Longwood? There is a sense of family seen throughout the whole school. I love to see the students walking and talking with each other, and calling out each other’s names. 

You might not know…I played college lacrosse!

Fluent in American Sign Language.

Emily Gantt
Emily Gantt

Admissions Counselor and Social Media Specialist
Territory Manager for Central & Southside Virginia



Why Longwood? I love the fun, yearly traditions, such as Oozeball and Color Wars!

You might not know… I’m a born and bred, life-time Farmville native!

Nicole Gilson
Nicole Gilson

Admissions Counselor
Territory Manager for Northern Virginia
Office: (434)395-4922


Why Longwood? The feeling of home when coming onto campus, and the fact you can reach out to faculty, staff or students and they are all willing to talk and help.

You might not know…  I received my Associate degree the week before I graduate from high school.

Sarina Hartman
Sarina Hartman

Lead Admissions Counselor
Territory Manager for Richmond & Out of State


Why Longwood?  I love the opportunities provided to all students, especially the study abroad programs.

You might not know…I'm a Longwood Alumnae and was a member of the Honors College.

Nathan Heinicke-Peart

Admissions Counselor
Territory Manager for Western Virginia
Office: (434)395-2262


Why Longwood? The sense of family, friendship and community is phenomenal. 

You might not know…When I’m on the road I create different games or songs in my head. I sing or play them either by myself or with people who wanted to learn. If you want to learn, just ask.

Shannon Nusbaum
Shannon Nusbaum

Associate Director


Why Longwood?  No matter where you travel – and despite Longwood being “midsize” –  you are bound to run into someone who attended here.

You might not know… I did not take my first swimming lesson until I was 27 years old!

Aaron Sims
Aaron Sims

Admissions and Special Programs Counselor



Why Longwood? The sense of family, as well as the history with the town of Farmville.

You might not know… I am a Longwood alumnus and also a certified personal trainer.

 Calla Talman
Calla Talman

Associate Director of Admissions
Office: (434)395-2156


Why Longwood? The strong campus community is like nothing else I have ever experienced; it’s truly home away from home for students, but also faculty and staff.

You might not know… I love to exercise so you might see me running or walking around town!

Chyanne Trowell
Chyanne Trowell

Admissions Counselor 
Territory Manager for Tidewater and Eastern Shore 


Why Longwood? I love the emphasis on student engagement and citizen leadership, and how we demonstrate it through direct mentorship and community service.

You might not know… I’m obsessed with crime shows and I’m pretty sure I was a detective in a past life. My favorite scripted show is Cold Case!