Consuelo Alvarez
Prof, Biology

Phone (434) 395-2847
Department Biological-Environmental Sciences
Office Chichester Science Center 306

I am a Full Professor of Biology in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences.

My office is located in Chichester Science Center #306.

Education without a doubt is one of the most powerful tools an individual should acquire during his/her life. Thus, I use teaching as a mean in which I may mentor and educate not only others but myself too.

The courses that I have taught are:

  • General Biology for non-majors - BIOL101
  • Introduction to Genetics and Cell Biology - BIOL 250
  • Genetics – BIOL 324
  • Evolution –BIOL 399
  • Biochemistry - BIOL 412/CHEM412
  • Modern Genetics - BIOL 425
  • General Chemistry for non-majors - CHEM 101

My research focuses on bringing to my department the latest molecular biology techniques in the field to implement them into laboratory class work and independent studies.  Students’ exposure to this laboratory work could then later on be apply-into any biological and/or chemical field of their interest.  During my 17 years as a member of the faculty, I have published several papers relating to interdisciplinary research approaches and the new techniques that I have trained on and brought to share with my colleagues.  Such work encompasses research on:

  • Genetic Modified Organisms
  • DNA Microarray Analysis
  • Sequencing and Annotation of Drosophila species
  • Synthetic Biology constructs for environmental detection
  • 3-D Protein Modelling
  • Bioinformatics