Adam Blincoe
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Honors Faculty

Phone (434) 395-4963
Department Cormier Honors College
Office Stevens 116D

Dr. Blincoe earned his BA in philosophy from Wake Forest University, an MDiv from Asbury Theological Seminary, an MA in philosophy from the University of Kentucky and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Virginia. He specializes in ethics. His research focuses on questions concerning what it is to flourish as a human in community and what communal life demands of us ethically.

Beyond this Dr. Blincoe has a broad array of competencies including the history of philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of religion, political economy, theology, and existentialism. He regularly teaches courses that are interdisciplinary with a philosophy focus, including: The Problem of Evil, Love, Sex, and Friendship, Markets and Morals, Symposium for the Common Good: Flourishing Together, and Bioethics.

Dr. Blincoe is married to Professor Blincoe (of the Longwood Psychology department) and has two delightful children: three year old Aurora and one year old Zeke. Besides teaching he enjoys reading (a lot), watching good/bad movies, abusing hot sauce, and rugby. Dr. Blincoe co-coaches the women’s rugby team at Longwood with his wife and wants you to know that you should consider playing the greatest sport ever devised.

Courses taught to date:

  • CTZN 410, HON: Symposium for the Common Good
  • HONS 361, HON: The Problem of Evil
  • PHIL 315, Biomedical Ethics
  • HONS 320: Markets and Morals
  • HONS 495: Love Sex and Friendship
  • PHIL 308: Introduction to Ethics
  • RELI: 242: World Religions