Longwood University’s Board of Visitors has approved a budget for the upcoming year that boosts student financial aid amidst Covid-19 and modestly increases tuition and fee charges, keeping Longwood’s average rate change over recent years among the very lowest in Virginia.

Longwood’s Board approved an increase of tuition and mandatory fees of 2.88 percent, or $390 for the year. Since 2014, Longwood’s annual increases have averaged 2.9 percent annually, the second lowest of any of Virginia’s 15 public universities.

The budget for the 2020-21 academic year also increases spending on scholarships and aid to students, anticipating the severe financial impact of Covid-19 on students and families. It provides for 2020-21 expenditures regarding Covid-19 preparedness as well, of at least $1.3 million.

“Longwood is doing everything we possibly can to recognize the challenges families face paying for college, and making sure we do our part to operate as efficiently as we possibly can during this time of financial strain across the country,” said President W. Taylor Reveley IV. “Our goal is always to freeze tuition or have bare-minimum increases, and over recent years we’ve made real progress keeping Longwood affordable. This year, given the certainty of additional Covid-related costs to the university, and the likelihood of significant cuts to state funding due to the economy, we are cutting expenses as never before so students and families will bear as little as possible of the burden.”

Earlier this spring, Longwood announced temporary pay cuts over the coming year to prepare for expected state budget cuts in the fall. Those reductions, which exempted some public safety personnel, averaged 6.5 percent across the university, though senior administrators saw reductions of 15 and 20 percent, and President Reveley will take a 25 percent reduction.

“Unfortunately but understandably, in light of the crisis, the Commonwealth has placed on hold funding in the state budget that would help universities freeze tuition,” Reveley said. “Should that funding be restored, Longwood would be able to revisit our tuition charges for the upcoming year.”

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