Longwood's slate of giving societies were created to recognize the longevity, selflessness, and impact of her supporters. Each of the societies is a celebration of a specific kind of giving—annual, recurring, loyal, lifetime, or planned—all of which are important to the sustainability and maintenance of the University's mission: to cultivate citizen leaders.

Longwood supporters may maintain membership in one of more of the giving societies if they meet society-specific criteria.

Rotunda Society

The Rotunda Society recognizes an elite group of donors who have made significant and life-changing contributions to support the growth and sustainability of Longwood University. Their leadership in giving has supported infrastructure projects, major initiatives, countless scholarships, and program funding for our healthy and growing endowment.

Individuals recognized with the distinction of membership in the Rotunda Society are lifetime members whose cumulative gifts to the university exceed $250,000. 

1839 Society

The 1839 Society recognizes our generous donors who have made a planned gift to Longwood to be realized beyond their lifetime. Members of this society recognize the role of philanthropy in the health of an institution and want to ensure the University's future sustainability. These gifts leave a personal legacy at Longwood and enable future generations to benefit from the donor's thoughtful and selfless giving.

We celebrate the members of the 1839 Society today for the impact their future gifts will have in the decades to come.

Citizen Leader Society

Acknowledging the University's accomplishments would not be possible without also recognizing the generous support of our donors. Longwood introduced the Citizen Leader Society in 2016. Citizen leaders are the bedrock of democracy; they are the reason communities thrive as they make positive contributions to the common good.

Members of the Citizen Leader Society take the lead among Longwood's most influential annual supporters with their generous gifts beginning at $2,000. This support provides crucial resources and immediate support, serving as a vital part of what Longwood achieves every day.

Citizen Leader Society membership is calculated based on Longwood's fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30.

Fountain Society

The Fountain Society recognizes and celebrates members who support Longwood with a monthly gift. Monthly giving is a convenient and impactful way to make a difference in the lives of our students. By committing to a minimum of $10 per month, members help sustain our mission throughout the year. Membership is based on Longwood's fiscal year beginning July 1 to June 30.

Pillar Society

A pillar is defined as something (or someone) that provides reliable and essential support for another thing (or person)—a firm, upright support for a superstructure. Like the well-known ionic columns that adorn many of Longwood's gorgeous buildings, members of the Pillar Society provide the necessary and fundamental support the University needs to meet its mission.

As members of the Pillar Society, individuals are recognized for their loyal giving of 2+ consecutive years or more. Loyal giving is a pillar to our institution and provides the stability Longwood students need to create a better and brighter tomorrow.

Family Impact Leadership Society

Members of the Family Impact Leadership Society supports scholarships, programs, and athletics at an annual gift level of $2,500 with a commitment of four years. These visionary supporters engage in the Longwood community in a manner that has a strong effect on all stakeholders. These members can direct their support as they choose. Membership in the Family Impact Leadership Society is based on Longwood's fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30.


Penny Pairet

Penny Pairet

Director of Annual Giving

(434) 395-2927