Longwood University is committed to providing ample means by which students can share their concerns and suggestions and formally issue a complaint or grievance.  The following table includes links to academic and non-academic procedures that are to be used for issuing an appeal, grievance, or petition and claim of discrimination, misconduct, and sexual misconduct.  Refer to the table of contents to locate referenced sections in catalogs or handbooks.

Office Name/Type of ComplaintLink to Information
Academic Suspension Appeals Petition of Academic Suspension Procedures
Bias Incidents Bias Response Reporting Procedure
Complaints about Faculty, Teaching and/or Curriculum

If you have any questions about filing a faculty, teaching and/or curriculum complaint, please use this link to find a list of academic departments and programs and contact the following people in this order until the complaint is resolved. 

  1. The faculty member involved in the complaint.
  2. The faculty member’s department chair.
  3. The dean of the college involved in the complaint.
For grade concerns, see the Grade Appeal procedure below. 
Complaints about Longwood Students Student Handbook – Filing of Disciplinary Charges
Complaints about Staff Members

If you have complaints about a staff member, please use this link to find a list of offices and services and contact the following people in this order until the complaint is resolved. 

  1. The staff member involved in the complaint.
  2. The staff member’s supervisor.
  3. The head of the office or unit involved in the complaint.
Counseling and Psychological Services Counseling and Psychological Services Complaints Procedure
Disability Resources Disability Resources Grievance Procedure
Grade Appeals See Grade Appeals in the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog
Graduate Student Academic Appeals See Academic Regulations in the Graduate Catalog
Hazing/Abusive Behavior Student Handbook – Filing of Disciplinary Charges and Notification of Hearing, and/or Say Something
Modification of Degree Requirements Policy on Modification of General Education or Additional Degree Requirements & Procedure for Petitioning
Parking Appeals Parking Citation Appeals Procedures
Residency/Domicile appeals See Expenses and Financial Policy, Qualifying for Virginia Tuition Rates in the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Satisfactory Academic Progress and Appeal Process
Student-Athlete Grievances and Appeals Student-Athlete Handbook – Grievance Procedures
Sexual Misconduct Complaints Sexual Misconduct Reporting Options and/or Say Something
Student Conduct Decision Appeals Student Handbook – Appeal Process
Student Records Disputes Student Records and Annual Notification Policy 1007
Tuition Appeals Tuition Appeals Procedure
Tuition Surcharge Complaints 125% Credit Hour Threshold/Appeals

Ideally, complaints about any function of the university are handled directly by the involved faculty or staff member and his/her direct supervisor in a timely manner.  In the occasion that a student fails to receive resolution, the email address of sasuggestionscomplaints@longwood.edu can be used to formally submit a written complaint.  Within 24 working hours, confirmation of receipt and assurance of routing to the appropriate office(s) for review and response can be expected.

Please include the following within the email:

  • An overview of the problem including dates and names of individuals involved
  • Any description of action(s) taken thus far in an attempt to resolve the matter
  • Any supporting documentation or correspondence to support the complaint

In summary, the sasuggestionscomplaints@longwood.edu address should NOT be used to submit complaints or grievances regarding the following, as there are specific procedures for these areas:

  • Appeals related to academic suspension, damage, grades, parking, residency/domicile, satisfactory academic progress, student-athlete policy, student conduct decisions, and tuition
  • Complaints of discrimination; student misconduct including hazing; sexual misconduct
  • Disability Resource grievances

Please see the Documentation of Written Student Complaints Policy 3411 and the Student Handbook for additional information regarding student complaints, appeals, and grievances.

Filing a Complaint with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Longwood University accepts the oversight of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), the Commonwealth’s coordinating body for higher education, in resolving complaints from students taking distance education under the aegis of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).  If a student has exhausted the avenues provided by Longwood and the complaint has not been resolved internally, the student can submit a Student Complaint Form to SCHEV.  The form and more details on the formal SCHEV student complaint procedure can be found on the SCHEV Student Complaints web page.

Filing a Complaint in All Other States

If a distance learning student residing out-of-state while enrolled in a Longwood course has exhausted the student complaint avenues provided by Longwood and the complaint has not been resolved internally, the student can submit a complaint about Longwood University with the state in which the student resides.