The official deadline for submission of a Tuition Appeals Form is the last day of the academic semester.


Students will complete a Tuition Appeal Form (pdf) that will be submitted to the Bursar. Appeal forms are also available in the Office of Cashiering & Student Accounts. Appeals will be reviewed and acted upon at the next committee meeting. The committee may decide to approve or deny the appeal. If approved, the committee will decide what action is to be taken. The appealed charge may be either reduced or entirely canceled. The decision of the committee is final.

As long as appropriate supporting documentation is provided, appeals will generally be approved for students who withdraw due to the following reasons:

  • extended periods of physical or mental illness of the student documented by a physician's or psychiatrist‘s statement or other medical documentation
  • extended periods of physical or mental illness of the student's immediate family member who is dependent upon the student for support as documented by a physician's or psychiatrist's statement or other medical documentation
  • death of a student's immediate family member with documentation
  • involuntary job transfers as documented by the employer
  • involuntary changes in employment schedule or military deployment as documented by employer or military documentation
  • involuntary difficulties with internships or practica with documentation

Tuition appeals are generally not permitted for missed classes resulting from an emergency, act of God, force majeure, or other exigency.

Students will be informed in writing of the results of the committee's decision. The written communication will be drafted and sent by the Bursar. The mailing address submitted on the Appeal Form will be used.

Appeal Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are called by the Chair. Normally, the Committee will meet on a monthly basis.