Refunds are scheduled to process each semester following add/drop. Refunds are generally processed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Refunds created from grants, scholarships, cash or check payments are refunded to the student. The refund check is mailed to the student directly from the Virginia State Treasury. Generally, students receive the state refund within 10 to 14 business days from the date of the request.

Longwood University policy requires student loan/private loan refunds to be processed via direct deposit. To set up banking information to be used for the direct deposit of student loan refunds, students must log into their student account through the Longwood portal.

Once logged into the portal, select the Student Tab, then My Student Account. Select eRefunds, enter your bank routing number and bank account number. Please verify the routing number and account number are entered correctly. Do not enter the numbers on your debit card. If your bank account information changes, please remember to update your student loan payment profile immediately. Inaccurate banking information will delay your refund.

If banking information is not entered and the refund option not checked, refunds from student loans and/or private loans will be refunded to the student by check and mailed directly from Longwood University.

Refunds produced from Parent Plus Loans are refunded to the parent. Parent Plus loan refunds will be mailed to the parent directly from Longwood University to the parent's address listed on the loan application unless otherwise directed by the maker of the loan.

Important Notes

  • Student loan refunds are mailed first to the Longwood address or local address. If there is not a record of a Longwood or local address, the checks will be mailed to the permanent home address recorded on Longwood's student information system.
  • During breaks, the checks are mailed to the student's permanent address as recorded on our student information system.
  • Please be persistent in updating your address information with our Registration Office. Inaccurate information will cause your refund check to be lost.