Welcoming, recognizing and supporting a diversity of backgrounds, identities and perspectives is central to Longwood’s mission.

We are called especially to this work by the important civil rights history that took place in our home community.
Students will find a range of resources, initiatives and organizations to support and celebrate our diversity.

Did you know?

~30% of Longwood students self-identify as students of color.

"It was important for me to find this place and find people that not only look like me but understand the struggles that I'm going through as a student." ~Jett Williams '24


Student Statement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Longwood University believes in the development of each individual as an integral part of a diverse community. Longwood is a community that respects individuality and the value each person brings to the campus community. We recognize the importance of a plural society and the inclusion and support of individuals from all groups encompassing the various characteristics of historically underrepresented persons in our community. Read more...