Our providers are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and Licensed Psychologists who are dedicated to the personal growth and development of Longwood students. Advanced graduate student interns also provide counseling services under the supervision of the professional staff.

Fully accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc

CAPS offers confidential mental health programs and services to currently enrolled Longwood University students. 

Our Services:

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Support Groups

Advocacy, Communication and Transition (ACT)

This weekly support group is a long-standing collaboration between CAPS and the Office of Disability Resources (ODR). 

The group is open to any student who has registered with ODR.  Advocacy, Communication, and Transition (ACT) provides a safe and supportive place for students to openly share concerns, discuss issues, gain specific skills and strategies to meet personal goals, and receive support and encouragement. 

If you are interested in ACT and/or have questions, please contact Madeline Schutt (Associate Director of Disability Resources) at (434)395-2391 or Dr. Maureen Walls-McKay at (434)395-2409.

Ally Hour

While each meeting will be structured in response to student’s interests and needs,

Ally Hour will provide a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ students to learn about CAPS services and offer an ongoing discussion about resources available at Longwood University and in the community.

Ally Hour is held weekly on Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m. in the CAPS conference room.

Interpersonal Group

This weekly group is meant for those looking to improve relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, roommates, professors and employers. 

Themes addressed include boundaries, roles, conflict, communication, and assertiveness.  Sessions are a blend of counselor-led skill-building and group member personal sharing. The interpersonal group is an open and accepting space for members to learn skills, share challenges and offer support/feedback.

If you are interested in the interpersonal group or have questions, please contact Dave Salge (Resident in Counseling) at (434)395-2409.


Student-Athlete Group (SAG)

While all college students experience stressors, student-athletes often have unique challenges and difficulties that are very different from their peers. Created by a former student-athlete, the Student-Athlete Group (SAG), aims to provide a space for current athletes to receive the support that is specific to their needs.

The group will be semi-structured and will include psychoeducation on issues that are common within the student-athlete population (i.e., depression, anxiety, substance use, performance concerns, etc.), as well as offer an environment to openly discuss current concerns students are having.

This group is open to all NCAA student-athletes and will meet weekly, beginning on Tuesday, February 11 at 1 p.m.  


Stress and Anxiety Management Group

This group is designed for students who have symptoms related to stress and anxiety and are seeking support and methods to cope with stress. In the group, students who experience stress and anxiety can gain support and constructive feedback from other students who struggle with problems related to stress/anxiety.

Counselors will present psychoeducational information related to stress/anxiety, at the request of the group.

If you are interested in the group and/or have questions, please contact Dr. David Davino at (434)395-2409.