Letter from the Vice President

Welcome to the Longwood Student Affairs Division, where developing citizen leaders in a meaningful learning environment is our mission and passion.

Student Affairs is a collection of various offices and initiatives that help support students' growth, development, and success. We believe that when a student comes to Longwood, they can anticipate a strong experience inside the classroom, but equally important is the experience we deliver outside the classroom that helps complement their education in powerful ways. I look at the entire campus as a learning environment that's an extension of the classroom. Student Affairs works each day to find ways in which we can strengthen the co-curricular experience.

Our work in Student Affairs touches all corners of the campus and the local community. We collaborate with faculty and staff across campus, support over 150 student organizations, help our students increase their civic engagement and awareness, and help them find ways to engage within the campus community through many service-learning opportunities. Through all of these opportunities, we assist students as they develop new skills and help them engage with our community in a meaningful way.

Longwood is an institution rich with tradition. From our more than 100-year-old Honor Code to signature events such as Oktoberfest, Spring Weekend, The G.A.M.E, and our secret societies, which all promote leadership and service, our students come to realize that Longwood is a place where they can feel engaged and supported.  

I'm humbled and honored to join in supporting the success of our students and partnering with our campus colleagues to help build citizen leaders ready to make a powerful impact both within and outside of our Longwood community.