These staff members serve as points of contact for first-generation students and are available for guidance, information, and resources. Please use the People Directory for contact information.

Offices and Departments

Academic Success
Rebecca Sturgill, Director-Center for Academic Success
Brock Hall 211
(434) 395-2050 

Dr. Wade Edwards. Associate Dean-Cook Cole College of Arts and Sciences
Rotunda 104
(434) 395-2205 

Accessibility Resources Office (ARO)  
Ginny Czeizinger, Assistant Director
Brock Hall 227
(434) 395-2080  

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)  
Dr. Maureen Walls-McKay, Associate Vice President for Health and Well-Being
Pierson Hall 336
(434) 395-2409 

Financial Aid Office
Latrese Parker, Associate Director of Financial Outreach
Brock Hall 105
(434) 395-2016 

Graduate Studies
Kate Morgan, Director of Graduate Student Services
Rotunda 138
(434) 395-2170 

Honors College
Dr. Chris Kukk, Dean-Cormier Honors College
Stevens Hall 104
(434) 395-2236 

Multicultural Affairs
Dr. Jonathan Page, Assistant Dean of Multicultural Affairs and Title VI Coordinator
Upchurch 309F
(434) 395-4808 

Quincy Goodine, Associate Director of Leadership Development and Multicultural Affairs
Upchurch 309E
(434) 395-2489 

Registrar's Office
Susan Hines, University Registrar
Brock Hall 112E
(434) 395-2921 

Residential and Commuter Life
Chris Betterton, Assistant Director of Residential and Commuter Life
Eason Hall G13,
(434) 395-2080 

Dyamond Johnson, Assistant Director of Occupancy Management
Eason Hall G13G
(434) 395-2263

Student Accounts and Cashiering
Jennifer Wilkerson, Associate VP of Operations
Eason Hall 213E
(434) 395-2388 

Student Employment
Larry Robertson, Assistant VP of Student Development
Brock Hall 207
(434) 395-2874  

Student Success
Waleed Ahmed, Associate Director of Student Success and Retention
Radcliff Hall 219
(434) 395-4919

Faculty & Staff Allies

Waleed Ahmed, Assistant Director, Admissions and Retention
Dianna Baldwin, Writing Center Director
Mary Fran Bell-Johnson, Serials Manager, Greenwood Library
Bob Blaisdell, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
Josh Blakely, Director Brock Experiences and Director, Integrative Learning
Beth Blalock, Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students
Janie Brazier, Assistant Professor, Social Work
Rhonda Brock, Professor, English 
Stephanie Buchert, Professor, Psychology
Corey Call, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
Phillip Cantrell, Associate Professor, Asian History
Patti Carey, Executive Director, McGaughy Internship and Professional Development Center
Darrell Carpenter, Associate Professor, Information Systems and Cyber Security
Audrey Church, Professor, School Librarianship
Larry Collins, Lecturer, Environmental Sciences
Vonnie Colvin, Adjunct, Education and Counseling
Cindy Crews, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department
Jay Crowell, Assistant Professor, French
Sebastian Cruz, Residence Education Coordinator, Johns Hall
Doug Dalton, Professor, Anthropology 
David Davino, Clinical Psychologist, CAPS
Autumn Dickerson, Financial Aid Counselor
Hannah Dudley-Shotwell, Lecturer, History 
Wade Edwards, Associate Dean, CCCAS
Andy Esposito Administrative Assistant, CAPS
Christine Eubanks, Clinical Audiologist, SHLS
Jason Ferguson, Dean of Admissions
Adam Franssen, Associate Professor, Biology
Caroline Gibbs, Assistant Director, Admissions and Retention
Elise Green, Assistant Professor, English and Writing
Scott Grether, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Tracie Giles, Emergency Management Coordinator
Mary Carroll Hackett, Professor, English
Dustyn Hall, Associate Director Content and Social Media, MCE
Jeff Halliday Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Kevin C. Schattenkirk-Harbaugh, Music Department and Honors College
Chene Heady, Professor, English
Gus Hemmer, Director of Campus Recreation
Eric Hodges, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Steven Hoehner, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Sarina Holder, Senior Director, Cormier Honors College
Drew Hudson, Director, Donor Impact Institutional Advancement
Steven Isaac, Professor, History, Department Chair
Laura Jiminez, Assistant Professor, Exercise Science
Darvonette “Dyamond” Johnson, Assistant Director, Occupancy Management RCL
Sasha Johnson, Director, Education and Prevention Programs

Tianna Jordan, Resident in Counseling, CAPS
Roland Karnatz, Associate Professor, Music
Alison King, Assistant Professor and Program Director, CSDS
Lisa Kinzer, Professor, Music
Chris Kukk,
Dean, Cormier Honors College
Dina Leech, Associate Professor, Biology
Mary Lehman, Professor, Biology and Department Chair
Dave Magill, Professor of Literatures of Diversity and Department Chair, EML
Ann Mayo, Lecturer, Biology
Jesse McDaniel, Office of the Registrar
Pam McDermott, Associate Professor and Director of Choral Activities and Department Chair, Music
Chris McGee , Professor of Children’s and Young Adult Literature, EML
Julie Mersiowsky, Professional Studies Teacher and Licensure Director, CGPS
Tracey Neihouse, Assistant Director of Space Planning and Business Information Systems
Kris Paal, Associate Professor, Communications Studies
Latrese Parker, Associate Director, Financial Outreach Financial Aid
Shannon Parker Financial Services
Tammy Parlier, Assistant Professor, Education and Counseling 
Gabriel Poindexter, Associate Director, RCL
Victoria Potter Residence Education Coordinator, RCL
Julie Ramsey, Director of Fraternity Sorority Life
Pam Randall, Assistant Professor, Education
Kim Redford Director of User Support Services, Information Technology Services
Melissa Rhoten, Professor, Chemistry
Annette Rosado-Figueroa , Senior Lecturer, Spanish
Ronda Scarrow, Associate Professor, Theatre
Leah Schilling-Stouffer, Associate Professor, Math Education
Nancy Scruggs, Administrative Assistant, HRK
Sheila Seagle, Assistant Director, Teacher Licensure/Student Success
Cherri Shideler, Acquisitions Specialist, Greenwood Library
Dana Slater, Director, Student Conduct and Integrity
Janet Smith, Lecturer, Spanish
Wendy Snow, Associate Professor, Reading, Literacy and Learning
Amanda Starr, Visiting Professor, Biology
Angela Stimpson, Assistant Director of Facilities and Management Business Services Facilities
Ryan Stouffer, Associate Professor, Communications Studies
Sarah Tanner-Anderson, Associate Professor, Education and Counseling
Cainan Townsend, Executive Director, Moton Museum
Anahí Trujillo Camorlinga, Lecturer, Spanish
Greg Tsigaridas, Senior Computer Systems Engineer
Naomi Tsigaridas, Professor, Communication Studies
Erin Waggoner, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Maureen Walls-McKay Associate Vice President for Health and Well-Being, Director, CAPS
Jennifer Wilkerson, Associate Vice President, Fiscal Operations 

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Cheryl Steele

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