Poet and memoirist Kelle Groom will read from and discuss her works Monday, Sept. 23, at 8 p.m. in Longwood University's Wygal Auditorium. The event is open to the public.

Groom’s memoir I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl is a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers pick, New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice selection and a Library Journal Best Memoir of 2011, among numerous honors. It has been called "an unflinching yet deeply poetic memoir that captures the rawness and urgency of addiction as well as the tenderness and heartbreak surrounding the loss of a son."

Groom also is the author of three poetry collections, Five Kingdoms, Luckily andUnderwater City. She is currently Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at Sierra Nevada College. Her appearance is the second in this year’s Longwood Authors Series.

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Harris, Katie IreaneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Harris, Nicolette SkyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harris, Sierra LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
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Hartmann, William ClayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harwood, Karlyn MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Hastings, Brandon TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hatke, Hannah LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hayek, Cecily SharbelArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Hayes, Claudia LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hayes, Matthew JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
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Heaney, Samantha JordanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
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Henderson, Danyelle AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Henderson, Nan LindseyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Henderson, Zachary MartinArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hendrix, Luke GabrielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
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Herring, Steven KyleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Herrling, Kimberly ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
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Hester, Thomas JasonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hickman, Hannah GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hicks, Kenneth WayneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Higgins, Kelly DarleneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
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Hines, Kylee MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
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Jefferson, Kaelyn GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Jenkins, Samantha TArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jennings, Makayla KiaraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jeter, Kelly BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jimenez Cagigas, Guillermo Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Johnson, Abigail DavisEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Johnson, Allison BrookeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Johnson, Bailey HeathArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Johnson, Devon LamontEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Johnson, Emma KatherineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Johnson, Hannah VirginiaArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Johnson, Laura IreneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Johnson, McKenzie LoganArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Johnson, Tahjdriana KArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Johnson Boone, Marcella Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Johnston, Ellen GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Jones, Abby SueEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Jones, Adrian NicholeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Jones, Andrew JoshuaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Derek TaylorEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Jones, Maia NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Najamah AaliyahArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Jones, Olivia KatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Joseph, Haily LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Joss, Dana DoloresArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Kalchner, Jonas DominikArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kante, Ibrahim KhalilArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Karnes, Morgan AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Karweik, Heidi KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kasko, Sarah LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kasun, Victoria GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Keane, Karyn JuliaArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Keating, Anna GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Keeler, Taylor AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Keiter, Kayla MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kellas, Jordan LyneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Keller, Grant FrederickBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Kerr, Megan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ketchum, Kaitlyn NicholeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Kimball, Stuart IEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
King, Amanda Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
King, Darcy MaeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Kinkoph, Madeline ElaineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Kinter, Makenzie MareneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Kinzel, Brenna ElyseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kinzel, Cade JArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kish, William HarrisonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kline, Katherine MariaArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Knapp, Anna LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Knepshield, Tiffany ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kocinski, Nicolina Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Koehle, Ashley MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Koferl, Aidan SeanEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Kosiorek, Kathryn MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Kothe, Caitlyn ClaiborneBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Kratzer, Emily TheresaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kuney, Rachel ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Kuzniewski, Sarah YoungArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Lacoss, Sebastian LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lambert, Benjamin ScottArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Landis, Kourtney DianeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Langemeier, Logan NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lankford, Cole AlexanderArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lathrop, Kaitlyn MarieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lawhorne, Faith LindsayEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lea, Shannon MariaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Leake, Carter AshleyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Leech, Noah IsabellaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Leeman, Mia JohannaBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
LeFevre, Victoria ReedArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lehman, Kayla ElisabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Lemons, Audrey JeanArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lenhart, Keri LynneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Leonard, Jennifer Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Leong, Angeli Elizabeth RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
LeTourneau, Alissa LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lettau, Emily ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Levine, Madison ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lewis, Madison RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Liggon, Rex Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lindstrom, Gustaf ThomasBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Link, Michael JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lipp, Joseph AlexanderArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lloyd, Kimberly CatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lockamy, Madison TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lockhart, Jackson WilliamArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lofquist, Kellie ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Lones, Alison RossBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Long, Kira ShianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Loomis, Katie RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lopez, Luna AilenBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lorson, Riley PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Loscher, Sophia Emma PaulineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lovgren, Morgan TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lowman, Margaret AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lowry, Elisabeth LynetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Loy, Melissa ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lucas, Katharine GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Luccarelli, Kaitlin ReneeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lunardi, Aemelia LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lyons, Shannon DanielleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Magner, Morgan NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Maier, Amy AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mainzer, Kayla RenaeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Maldonado, Amanda EvelynArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Mancini, Emma GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Mancini, Molly ChandlerArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Mann, Cameron JordanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mansaray, Akim SembuArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mansfield, Ian CumingsArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Maple, David AllenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marchi, Olivia SaraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marino, Seraphina MargueriteArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Marks, Jessica SusanneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marshall, Evelyn LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marshall, Kaysee Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marshall, Wesley LeeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Martin, Alyssa RArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Martin, Dakota RayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Martin, Mallory AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Martin, Sandra JillArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Martinez, Ciara NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Martinez, Destiny VoncileArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marzloff, Alexa ReneeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Marzolf, Nicole WalshArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Massie, Makayla GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Matherly, Grant WalkerArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mawyer, Brianah ShamirraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mawyer, Kahla MorganArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mawyer, Kelsey AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mays, Abbey ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
McCann, Shawna NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
McCartney, Emily ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McCarty, Alyson LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McDevitt, Hannah KayArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McIntyre, Autumn HaleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McIntyre, Sienna NoelleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
McKercher, Dylan PatrickArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McKnew, Julie AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McLachlan, Skylar AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McLaughlin, Alexis SheaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
McMillian, Journey LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McMillion, Sarah KatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Meadows, Shalise AmariahArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Meek, Brianna LeaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mehalko, Olivia AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mehling, Carmen AlyssaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Meinhard, Summer DianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mellott, Donald EarlEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Melton, Jennifer RebeccaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Meredith, Chelsea StanfieldArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Metzger, Lauren CatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Meyers, David WesleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mihelic, Kayley AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Miller, Erika LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Miller, Kathryn ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miller, Sha'Rena La'Chandri Di'LoisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Millon, Laura JaneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mills, Abigail LaurenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mills, Brandon PaulArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mills, Jenna MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Mills, Xavier JermelBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Millson, Daniel RobertArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Minni, Josephine MicheleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Minter, Jozie ReneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Mitchell, Allison NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mitchell, Bryson ChaseEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Mitchell, Heather MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Monaghan, Dylon FrancisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Monaghan, Meghan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Monger, Elana DawnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Montgomery, Michael ThomasArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moody, Lindsey AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moomau, Haley JordanEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Moonis, Hannah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moore, Brooke LynneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moore, Brookelyn HamlettEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Moore, Chelsea AnnaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moore, Danielle RheaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moore, Justin RyanArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moorefield, Mason LeighEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Moran, Bailey BrianneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Morgan, Kassidi LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Morgan, Samuel CharlesArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Morgan, Taylor ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Morgan, Tyler JamesArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Morgan, Zachary CrawfordArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Morris, Rebekah AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Morris, Stella JaneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Morrow, Abigail JeanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mothersbaugh, Emily JaneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Mozingo, Emily MackenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mugnolo, Morgan AshleyBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Mulligan, Virginia KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Munn, Connor PatrickArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Murphy, Danielle RaeganArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Murphy, Katherine NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Muse, Patrick WadeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Myroup, Sarah GeraldineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Naccarato, Isabella AmerinaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Naff, Keira DanielleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Nalamothu, Hima Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Napier, Brittany LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Napier, Kevin AndrewEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListY
Narron, Kayla NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Neklason, Elisabeth LynneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Nelson, Montana Mary ElisabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Nelson, Rosalyn VictoriaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Newcomb, Hayley ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Newman, Amanda NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Nicholson, Naya AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Niepokoj, Samantha AshleyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Nixon, Bailey MacyArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Noakes, Jenna NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Norton, Kelsey DonnaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Nunnally, Baylee RheaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Nurgazieva, Emma Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
O'Connor, Colleen HopeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
O'Toole, Laura MurphyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Odell, Mallory ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
Officer, Theresa BernadetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Old, Skylar FaithArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Oliver, Jordan VerlonaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Orr, Thomas DelligattiArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ostrowski, Kelsey JuneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Ottavio, Charles PatrickEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Outhong, Olivia AmyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Overstreet, Autumn MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Overstreet, Hannah FaithArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Owens, Savannah LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Paasch, Sierra NoelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pace, Alexis TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pacheco, Alyssa GraceEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Palmer, Amanda ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pannell, Haleigh CorinneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Paquette, Jessica RoseBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Parks, Brooke LaurenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Parsons, Lauren BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Patillo, Brianna MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Patterson, Amy Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Patterson, Anne KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Patton, Trisha LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Paulette, Ashlyn BrookeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Payne, Lyndsey NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Paz, Coleman StuartEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Pearce, Morgan LynneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Peklo, Seneca BettyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Pelletier, Cameron ScottArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Perez, Sofia ElenaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Peroulas, Morgan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Peters, Karlie MaryArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Peters, Lauren BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Peterson, Jon RichardBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Phelps, Dallas MorganEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Phillips, Amanda GayleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pierce, Hannah Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pigg, MacKenzie GrayEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Pisciotta, Caroline FaithArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Plichta-Kellar, Jesse CarrollArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Poland, Brandon WadeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pollard, Carrie VirginiaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pollman, Riley ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pompeo, Allison PaigeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Portale, Alexandra InezArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Potter, Conner Ray NormanEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Potts, Nicholas LoganArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Powell, Mckenzie MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Powell, Olivia BarbaraEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Powers, Alexis MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pozorski, Kyle TroyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Preece, Noel FranklinArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Prem, Hannah LockhartBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
Pressley, Jessica RenaeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Preston, Abbie LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Price, Courtney PaigeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pyles, Anna McKenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Queeney, Anna ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Quezada, Lauren EliseBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Racine, Zachary DylanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ramey, Bethany ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ramey, Hannah NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Ramirez, Dylan KyleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Randall, Emily GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Randall, Madison DanielleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ransom, Luke ThomasArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ratanataya, Lauren BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ratliff, Lauren DanielleBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Rauchwarg, Danielle BriannaArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Raven, Jennifer FayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rawls, Gracyn LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Razzetti, Lauren ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Reaver, Carrie NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Reaves, Ramon RafaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rector, Zachary RyanBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Reekes, Sutton DillardArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Remington, Jacob ReedBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Reusser, Kacie LArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Rexrode, Sarah GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Reynolds, Grace LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rhoades, Savannah LeaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Richardson, Katlyn MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Richardson, Lauren NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Richardson, Searra MianeArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Ridpath, Pamela CaseyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Rieger, Brooke CuylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rinald, Victoria ElaineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Rindfleisch, Christine AliciaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Roberts, Emily ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Robertson, Breanna NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Robertson, Joseph ZackaryArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Robertson, Paige MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Robertson, Sara ThomasEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Rodrigues, Tiare KalenaBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Roetken, Sara HartisEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Rogers, Samuel GeorgeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rollison, Taylor NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Romer, Peyton GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rommel, Kaitlyn ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ronson, Jacob MEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Roos, Matthew AlanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rose, Julie HannahArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Rosenbaum, Crystal LynArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Rosenberry, Connor OrionArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Rossi, Emily NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rossi, Ruth BlairArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Roukous, Natalie ShevaunEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Rowzee, Madison PaigeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rubin, Camryn KellyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ruddick, Haley KirstenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sada, Cyan MillsArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sakai, Raisei Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Sanchez, Paul AlfonoArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Santry, Margaret ColleenEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sares, Lydia Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Saunders, Sarah HArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Saunders, Victoria MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schalow, Evan DaleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schaub, Jessica AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Schauss, Lydia MaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schenkelberg, Hanna AliseEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Schiano, Abigail JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schlachter, Natalie AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schmitz, Madison RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Schuh, Matthew JacobArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schultz, Daniel TuckerBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Schultz, Haley NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Schweigert, Haley AlexisArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Schweizer, Ashley ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Scott, Alaina NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Scott, Briana MArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Scott, Harley AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Scott, Laia TikiraArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Scott, Sarah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sechrist Barrera, Nisamar Arts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Seefeldt, Haley ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sehlhorst, Trevor JeffersonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Seimetz, Brian VincentBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Senft, Chloe ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sergi, Zachary AntonioArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Seward, Ayanna Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Shaffer, Kristianna NavanicaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sharp, Hailey WeeksArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shelton, Faith ChristinaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shields, Abigail ElisabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shifflett, Olivia DianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shipe, Megan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shirey, Victoria MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Short, DeShane VondreArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shuford, Meagan ReneeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Shui, Tianyi Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Shukrallah, Amber KayEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sieben, Erica RyanEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Siefke, Christopher GalenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sikora, Nathan AustinArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Simmons, Scott MadisonEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Simpson, Madison PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sinclair, Kellianne Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sipe, Ashley DianeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Sizemore, Taylor AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Skibinski, Christopher RyanEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Smalley, Breanna NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Smith, Alexia CheraeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Smith, Brady CarolineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Smith, Christina ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Smith, Coley AmberArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Smith, Megan EmilyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Smith, Mia NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Smith, Michael MatthewArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Smith, Sarah ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Snellings, Lauren NoelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Soles, Andrea LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sommer, Sydney AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sorrell, Kyle LawrenceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sosa Garduno, Esteban Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sotelo, Anna LindsayArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Souder, Abbygail RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Soukup, Madison BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spence, James McFarlandArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spencer, Destiny BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spencer, Sarah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spivey, Ryan MarkArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spradlin, Kate McKinzieBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Spradlin, Kellen ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
St John, Meagan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stamp, Morgan LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stansell, Sarah KatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Starbird, Grace CollisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stech, Sarah ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Steele, Megan AshleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stenback, Lexi KEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Stephens, Sara BennettArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stephenson, Teagan CharlesArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stewart, Courtney TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stinnett, Erin TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stinnett, Hunter LaceyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stitts, Jessica Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Stockton, Maiya Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stragand, Kristen LArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stretz, Sheyenne MackenzieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Strock, Mariah GraceEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Stromberg-Brusco, Soliah MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Strum, Adriana RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Stuckey, Kendall HarlanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sturm, Casper JamesArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sulc, Joshua ABusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Sullivan, Caitlin AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sullivan, Cortney LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sullivan, Sarah MargaretEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Summers, Ann ViolettaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Surma, Taylor MichaelEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Swafford, Alexus MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Swanson, Ellie CatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Sweeney, Sky FrancisBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Swegle, Kelsey ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Sydnor, Rebecca AllisonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Szwed, Adam JacksonBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Taber, Cassidy SuzanneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Talbert, Mallory PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tamilio, Sophia RaineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tarkington, Raigan Arts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Taylor, Carrington BrehmArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Taylor, Hannah EmilyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Taylor, Madison KristieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Taylor, Sydney ElizaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tebo, Haley ConstanceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Thaxton, Jevaun DerrelArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Thomas, Amber GayleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Thompson, Brittany AlexandraEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Thompson, Victoria RachelArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Thornton, Kelsey AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Thrasher, Anne ElisebethArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Thuot, Casey ThomasBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Tice, Sandy LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tignor, Dorian FaithArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tisdale, Alexis WBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Titus, Nadia MariaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Toddy, Cameron ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tomlinson, Nicholas TateEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Tomnay, Kailey CraddockArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Toone, Danielle NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Topping, Amanda WallaceArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Torrenti, Morgan NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Townsend, Jessica AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Truini, Leigha MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tucker, Bethany KayArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tucker, Casey CochranArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tucker, Haley NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Turner, Allison KayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Turner, Austin LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Turner, Emily KirstenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Turner, Ryleigh DawnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Turner, Tanna NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Twiford, Katherine AlexandraEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Underwood, Shayna MorganArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Uzzle, Sasha AArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Van Dyke, Madison GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vaughn, Abigail JoyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Velvin, Kaitlin LeAnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Venta, Marija Arts & SciencesDean's ListY
Verling, Abigail LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vernier, Payton LynneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Verstraete, Leonie Lydia LouiseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Verwoerdt, Austin JuliusArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vesley, Jacquelyn ReneeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Via, Sarah CampbellArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Villalobos, Katharine ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Volpe, Michael StevenBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Voss, Elisabeth AArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wachter, Emma Gray ScottArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Wadsworth, Cullan AnthonyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wagner, Jamie MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Waldo, Heather LynelleArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Waldrop, Mary AllysonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wali, Hannah Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Walker, Ira JeanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Walker, Lindsey AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Wallace, Caitlyn ReneeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wallenborn, Faris McKenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Waller, Ryan Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Walls Mathis, Sarah NoelleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Walsh, Sydney ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Walters, Clair ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Walton, Grace LeannArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Wan, Yue Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ward, Matthew DavidEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Wasson, Jacob MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watkins, Miranda LorraineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watson, Jamesha EarlvetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watson, Shelby ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watts, Zane MyersBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wawrzyniak, Olivia ClairArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wayland, Alexis MorganEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Webb, Brianna Rose-MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Weber, Colleen TheresaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Weber, Katelyn PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Weissenfluh, Brooklynn HopeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Weldon, Evelyn ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Wells, Brittany EstepArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Wells, Kent MatthewArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wells, Liam MArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wells, Robin CurtissEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Wengert, Timothy JamesArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wescott, Michaela LillianEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Weston, Kyle EdwardEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Whitby, Lauren AmberArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Whitby, Nicole MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, Amber FayeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, Anita AEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
White, Courtney MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
White, Julia GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
White, Megan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, William ValentineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Whiting, Leslie MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Whitt, Julia AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Whittier, Martha ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Widdows, Amy CatherineBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wiggins, Isaiah JuniArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wilcox, Kristin ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Wilcox, Laura AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Wilkins, Jillian NoelEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Williams, Benjamin ColeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Callie ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Casey AnneBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
Williams, Chanelle RArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Williams, Chaniece AquelaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Hannah AlisonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Nicholas AllenBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Williams, Tara SuzanneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Williamson, Hastings ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Willis, Violet AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Wilms, Shannon MArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Wilson, Elizabeth DawnArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Wilt, Heidi ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Winters, Madison REducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Wise, Jennifer MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wiseman, Rachael McKenzieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Witham, Jordan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Witham, Rachel ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Withrow, Taylor RaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wolverton, Hannah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Woodard, Cheyanne WinterheartArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Woodruff, George BArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Woodson, Bryana MckenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Woodward, Chloe EliseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Worrell, Shannon NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Worrell, Zoe AugustArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wrenn, Jenna PaigeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wright, Abigail CatherineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Wright, Allison LeeannArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Wright, Amanda LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wright, Chandler ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wright, Melissa LynneBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wright, Sarah Elizabeth HopeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListY
Wright, Shawntel NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wright, Victoria LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wyatt, Karley RaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wyman, Katherine ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Yates, Kelsey LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Yates, Sara ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Yeager, Christopher DanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Yeager, Taylor AnnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Yeatman, Taylor MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Yevchak, Ashlyn AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
York, Zachary StephenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Young, Arin BaylieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Young, Brielle AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Young, Brooke EliseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Zebhideh-Strain, Nicholas AzizArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Zhang, Qingyue Business & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Zhang, Yefan Business & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Zion, Lauren RachelArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Zubillaga, Olivia AnnBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN

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