Longwood University nursing professor Hadley Sporbert is one of the best in Virginia.

The website OnlineSchoolsVirginia.com has named Sporbert one of the top 20 nursing professors in the commonwealth. After a 15-year career as a nurse, Sporbert joined the Longwood University faculty at the inception of the nursing program in 2009. A loved and well-respected member of the faculty, she has led students on aid missions to Honduras while pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.

"Hadley has been a valuable part of our team as we got the nursing program under way," said Dr. Melody Eaton, chair of the nursing department. "Having minimal experience as an instructor before this role, she was able to transition from a clinical background to one of the top educators in the state. She has made significant contributions to the development of this program."

Sporbert is known as a tough teacher who challenges her students to succeed in the demanding field of nursing. This reputation, cemented by her years in the field, has earned her a reputation among students. "Hadley is great in the classroom and provides a really interactive environment for the students," said Eaton. "She has shown tremendous growth and development as an instructor and has made the transition to professor extremely smoothly. Hadley has the extraordinary gift of being able to hold the students’ respect while being caring and compassionate."

Longwood University’s first class of nurses graduated in May 2013. The highly competitive, four-year program annually accepts 50 freshmen. The nursing profession is expected to grow 26 percent by 2020, making the demand for skilled professionals extremely high. Longwood nursing graduates have accepted positions at hospitals around Virginia in a variety of roles, from birthing center to emergency room.

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