The coverage of Longwood and Farmville leading up to the Vice Presidential Debate has been extraordinary -- almost too much to count. There were stories about Longwood, our history and efforts to draw strength from it, and how we connected the debate to our citizen-leadership mission. Here are just a few of our favorites that helped share our story with the world.

PBS NewsHour

Why it pays to host a presidential debate

Farmville, Virginia, has a population of just over 8,000. But that number swelled on Tuesday when the first and only vice presidential debate of 2016 was held at Longwood University. Hosting a nationally televised debate is a huge investment in time and resources, but it also garners sizable returns.

Washington Post

Veep debate spotlights host: Longwood University

The public school in central Virginia will be the backdrop for nationally televised event with Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.

A small town that has wrestled with big issues

Farmville, Va., site of vice-presidential debate, offers lessons about race relations.

The Atlantic

How Debates Change College Campuses

When Mike Pence and Tim Kaine step onto the stage at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, the college's president hopes the school will serve as more than just a platform for the vice-presidential debate. W. Taylor Reveley, IV, wants to use the occasion to urge schools to fulfill what he sees as their responsibility to teach young people to be good citizens.

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Longwood campus enjoys turn in the national spotlight

FARMVILLE — Tanya Velasquez is one of the lucky 100 — the Longwood University freshman won a ticket to watch the vice presidential debate in person, not amid the political carnival that has taken over campus.

Wall Street Journal

Teaching the ‘Habits of Democracy’

Joseph Rago interviews W. Taylor Reveley IV, the president of Longwood University, which will host 2016’s vice-presidential debate. Mr. Reveley says that liberal arts—and educated citizens—can fix what ails our politics.


America's Civic Duty: Start Teaching Democracy

The host of Tuesday's vice presidential debate offers a way to fix our politics

The Virginia-Pilot

Adult Americans have to stop insulting each other's political views and start talking, students say

The leaders of Longwood University's College Democrats and College Republicans want the "grownups" who disagree over who should be the next president should stop with the insults and personal attacks.

The Farmville Herald

'A great cooperative effort' | Farmville

Though it wasn't on the meeting's agenda, praise and celebration of success for the Vice Presidential Debate held Tuesday night was in order ...

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