In recognition of superior scholarship, Longwood is proud to announce its President’s and Dean’s lists for the 2018 spring semester. These achievements acknowledge many hours of hard work and unfailing dedication to academic excellence. Many students have earned this academic distinction while holding leadership positions in clubs and organizations and remaining active in other aspects of campus and community life. We are honored to celebrate these achievements and commitment to scholarship and citizen leadership.

Students earning President’s List honors have earned a semester grade-point average of 4.00, and those earning Dean's List honors have earned a semester grade-point average of 3.5 - 3.99. Recognition for both lists requires a minimum 12 semester hours of course work.

*denotes members of the Cormier Honors College for Citizen Scholars
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Aboujaoude, Angelie MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Accurso, Christopher MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Achterwinter, Lil-Sophie Business & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Adams, Chelsea MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Adams, Rebecca Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Adams, Taylor EArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Adams, Zachary NielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Adkins, Kimberly NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Aftab, Shahbaz Business & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Akers, Jessica AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Albright, Jordan JohnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Albright, Megan MayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Allen, Avery NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Allen, Sophia JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Allen, Victoria NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Almeida, Kelly AnneBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
Alotaibi, Faris Lafi BArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Alsaif, Mushal Fahad Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Altemose, John WilliamEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Alvarez, Rebecca AngelineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Alvey, Taylor AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Amoruso, Christina JoyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Amsler, Megan MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Andersen, Amanda FrancesArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Andersen, Tyler QuadeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Anderson, Devin LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Anderson, Emily GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Anderson, Geir DavidArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Anderson, Mary ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Anderson, Tayma RasiaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Aranzamendez, Renee Jereca UyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Arevalo, Nanci Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Arrington, Emily GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ashworth, Lauren MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Atkinson, Kendra SueEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Auerbach, Hannah RachelEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListY
Ayoub, Samuel ZacharyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bacon, Jeffrey DanielBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Bailey, Cameron ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Bailey, Carrie KatherineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Bailey, Courtney ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Bainbridge, Casey AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Baker, Jacob MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Baker, Joshua StephenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Baker, Keely AddisonEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Baker, Zachary ThomasArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Banks, Oasia BrearnaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Banty, Katherine TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Barahona-Hickerson, Vanessa IsabelaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Barbolla, Elizabeth ErinArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Barden, Katie NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Barker, Alexander MitchellArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Barker, Makayla RaeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Barksdale, Emily HancockArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Barner, Kayla TerrellArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Barnes, Evan ThomasArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Barrell, Alyssa GillianArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Barrette, Jacob JeremiahBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Barringer, Miranda LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Barry, Terra AnneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Bates, Kathryn ClaireArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Batten, Samantha KaylynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bauer, Kirsten RuthArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Bauernfeind, Bethany DianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Baumgart, TJ EarlArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Beach, Faith MadelynEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Beckman, Jesse NathanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bell, Lauren AshleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Belote, Christopher ThomasArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Belt, Lindsey MorganArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Belton, Taylor PaigeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Benalcazar, David DanielBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Bencick, Lauren ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Bennett, Blair LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bennett, Colter MathewEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Bennett, Elizabeth CarolynEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Bennett, Maya Desiree'Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bennett, Meredith RachaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Berkompas, Jordan PArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Best, Christopher LloydBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Betterton, Russell WilliamEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Beyeler, Kendra LeighArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Bielen, Ashleigh MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Billings, Catharine JosephineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bischoff, Hannah LorraineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bishop, Ashton ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Black, Liliya AlexandraBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Blackmon, Ashley ChristineEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Blake, Savannah JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bland, Megan KelseyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Bobbitt, Kelsey CarolArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Boesel, Katherine JuneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bondurant, Danielle KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Boros, Ann Jane MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bouy, Amber ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bowman, Kelsey LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Bowman, Matthew WilliamArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Boyer, Monica JeanneEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Bracco, Jessica NArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bradley, Elizabeth MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Bradley, Kamarin NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bradshaw, Taylor MeshayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Breunig, Jamie LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bridges, Shirley KatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Britt, Savannah GlennEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Brockwell, Heather LouiseEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Brooks, John PaulArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Cheyenne MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Jordan ClaireArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Lauren ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Lindsey TaylorEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Brown, Lyndsey PatriciaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Brown, Monique AdrianaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brown, Sarah EmilyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Brown, Tevin WalterBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Brown, Xavier Jo'VarEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Browning, Mallory RyneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Brumfield, John TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Buckner, Gregory OwenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Buffington, Alyssa NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burford-Dunton, Kelli ColeburnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burg, Bridgett MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burgess, Ethan GrantArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burke, Brandon ZacharyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burleson, Emily NoelleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Burns, Stephanie MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Burruss, Ashley NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Burton, Cynthia LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Burton, Heather RaeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Busser, Keaton Coleby ElamArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Bustillos Calderon, Daniel JesusArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Butka, Braden Lee ZacharyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Butler, Kaitlyn MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Buynak, Deborah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Byers, Nicole AshleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Byrd, Julia GEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Byrne, Jonathan Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Caggiano, Kevin MichaelArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Caison, Jordan ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Calandra, Corri JeanetteArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Callahan, Logan RileyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cambria, Angela RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Campbell, Dylan WayneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Cappuccio, Emily LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cardoza, Bailey ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Carlson, Renee MikaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Carney, Jacob ShanleyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Carr, Samantha RoseEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Carroll, Emma LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Carter, Brandie LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Carter, Helena KyleeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Carter, Noah HayesBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Carter, Tiffany NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cascio, Victoria AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cash, Sydney-Ann NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cassell, Whitney NoelleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cassella, Christina NoelleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cassidy, Jennifer AliciaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Castro, Claudia AlejandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Causey, Michaela KaitlinEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Cequeria, Alexandra CharlotteArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Cernak, Tyler JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chadduck, Tyler MartinArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Chambers, Mya DeniseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chandler, Andrew MichaelEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Chatfield, Caroline VirginiaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chauncey, Erin AlexandraEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Chavis, Brianda LexieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cheatham, Katelyn LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chenault, Summer NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Chesley, Kristen NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cheung, Brandon Heng-FungArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Chiodo, Megan LaurenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Christian, Dalila AidaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Ciehoski, Rachel DevynArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Clark, Jordan TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Clark, Mary-Virginia MaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Clark, Sara AnnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Clarke, Mikayla LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cliborne, Rachel JordenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Clift, Troy LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Cline, Mindy KatelynArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Close, Caitlin SimoneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Coates, Allison MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Cochran, Emily Victoria GriffithArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cogburn, Grace HelenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Colavito, AnnMarie LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Cole, Christine MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cole, Kai'eshia CharleasiaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Coleman, Hailey MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Coleman, Walter JamesArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Colley, Katharine LillianArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Collier, Abigail MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Colvin, Virginia LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Compton, Jacob YorkEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Confer, Tamera LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cook, Gabrianna LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cook, Katherine MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Cooksey, Kayla CorinneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cooley, Emily AArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cooper, Ashley MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cooper, Emma PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Corbitt, Richard AndrewBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Corker, Delaney LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cosner, Lindsey CarringtonEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Cowardin, Gabrielle ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Crabtree, Ashley BrookArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Craddock, Kailey OliviaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Craig, Molly McFarlinArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Craighead, Jessica DanielleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Crain, Eric EarlBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Crean, Shane MichaelArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Creasy, Kalie ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Crow, Kaitlyn AshleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Crow, Matthew GregoryArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Crowson, Blake SterlingArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Crutchley, Samantha JoArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Cubilla, Jessica LArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Culbertson, Tyler EdwardArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cummings, Erika NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Cundiff, Rickylyn HannahArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Curran, Rebecca HaileyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Curry, Richard ArlenEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Czeizinger, Mary VirginiaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dahl, Pamela RuthArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dail, Danielle AliciaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Daisey, Austin WayneEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Dallas, Bailey BlairArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Dalton, Grace ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Dalton, Graylin MathewArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dalton, Maureen AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Daou, Lamees CharifArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Darst, Joshua DaleBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Daucher, Kimberly JillArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Davis, Hannah Mei-LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Heather MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Jahnay MarshaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Kira LaurenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Tracy NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Davis, Zoe ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Deal, Katelynn BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dean, Alexandria BethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dean, Celia KaylynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Dean, Natalie CatherineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
deCelis, Andie MarieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
DeFeo, Sophia KellyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
DeFilippo, William Michael DufnerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
DeGregorio, Allison MariaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Deguzman, Abigail BarcarseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
DeHaven, Logan AlexanderEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Dellinger, Samuel GordonArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Denaro, Mary MargaretArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Deng, Shuyu Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Dennehy, Ciara LindseyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Denton, Sarah ElisabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Deppen, Michaela MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Descutner, Madelyn GArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Devin, Megan NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Di Silvio, Deanna MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dial, Dominique AlexaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dillard, Hailey OliviaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dinh, Mike VanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dinsmore, Chelsea MichelleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Dobyns, Kaitlyn MayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Doggett, Adrianna NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dolan, Riley AnneBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Dove, Caitlynn LizbethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dowdy, Jennifer KayEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Draper, Adriana LeighBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Dudley, Jillian ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Duers, Megan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Dunn, Bridget ThereseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Duregger, Megan CarterArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Dwinell, Erin DiannaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Easley, Alisha RenaeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Eason, Michael ThomasBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Edmonds, Charlotte AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Edner, Colin MeadArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Edwards, Jocelyn ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Edwards, Manna CatherineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Edwards, Samantha NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Eiker, Breanna AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
El-Jor, Maya TonyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Elder, Katie Lynn MorrisonArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Elder, Madelyne HopeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Elliott, Cecilie NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Ellis, Makita NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Elsakr, Sandra AshrafArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Embrey, Kylie BriannaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Emerson, Karen MadisonBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Epps, Whitnee LArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Erickson, Amelia GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Evangelista, Alexandra CredoArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Evans, Julia MaryArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Everett, Lucy AnneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Evitts, Taylor Erin SheallyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Fabian, Katie JeanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Facinoli, Michael WesleyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Fagan, Alison AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fallejo, Makayla JordanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fanney, Gillian PaigeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Farmer, Adria WadeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Farnsworth, Natalie IreneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Farruggio, Elizabeth AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Farthing, Leshek JulianBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Faulkner, Charla ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Ferguson, Ashleigh MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ferlet, Maeleigh MarleneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Fetty, Kendra FayArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Fitzpatrick, Lauren KathrynArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Fitzwater, Alyssa KateArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Flammia, Darian MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fleming, Sarah LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Fogg, Erin GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Foldes, Mariah PArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ford, Kayla AArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Forehand, Kelsi MariaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Foster, Hannah ColleenEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Foster, James SterlingArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fox, Reilly MelissaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Fradette, Kameron AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Francis, Haley ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Frank, Zoe LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Frazier, Courtney MechelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fried, Joshua CharlesArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Fuchs, Nicholas SwanBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Gage, Kyrsten AshleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Gailey, Casey DawnArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Gaines, Lauren TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Galen, Mary ZellerArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Gallagher, Mallory SuzanneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Garcia, Magdalena Education & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Garcia-Hernandez, Cintya VanesaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gardner, Benjamin AndrewBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Gargiulo, Abby MarissaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Garnjost, Andrew AllenArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Garrant, Luke MatthewArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Garrett, Megan NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Garrido, Carlos AlbertoBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Gates, Rachel MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
George, Amber NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gerbus, Kathryn TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gill, William HarrisonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gillam, Lisa ReneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gilliam, David LeslieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Gills, David PrestonBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Gilmer, Jeremiah DaltonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ginty, Kathleen LynetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ginty, Megan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gittman, Peyton-Ann NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Glasscock, Zachary NathanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gonzalez, Christina AnneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Gonzalez, Steven Education & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Gonzalez Acevedo, Beatrice AlejandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Good, Rebecca LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gordon, Amber MaSheaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Gorham, Koen DavidArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gottschalk, Laura EleanorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Graham, Alexandra ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Grambo, Aimee ColleenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Grammer, Kyndal NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Graves, Amelia FrancesArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Graves, Caitlyn ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gray, Kila NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Gray, Lindsay ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Gregory, Sara KeatonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Griffin, Meghan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Griffin, Sydney TheresaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Griffin, Tatianna GabrielleArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Griffith, Ariel AnnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Grindstaff, Grant LewsBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Gromley, Jessica LorraineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Grossman, Hayley JoyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Groves, Summer LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Gu, Jinzhi Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Guihon, Stephanie DonnaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Gunn, Megan CarolArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Guo, Weiqi Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Guthrie, Maitlyn Michelle LeeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Guzman, Marcel AugustoBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Haddock, Cameron LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hahn, Emily ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Hairston, Jordan ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Halbeisen, Rebecca AnnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Hale, Franklin GrantArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hall, Derek JamesEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Hamlett, Brookelyn AshleyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hamlett, Jenna CarolArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hammel, John AustinBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Hammett, Taylor IsabelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hammond, Iris ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hanback, Carli JeanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hanek, Emma GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hanson, Kirsten EmilyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hanson, Rachel EllenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hargan, Christopher WilliamArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harlow, Breanna StarrArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harlowe, Annabelle LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harris, Abigail AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Harris, Caitlin MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harris, Katherine NataliaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harris, Lindsay MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Harris, Lynsey GracenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Harris, Nicolette SkyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harris, Sierra LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hartless, McKenzie MarianneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harvey, Evan LewisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Harwood, Karlyn MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Hastings, Brandon TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hazelwood, Rachel LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hazlegrove, Alyssa GrayEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Heaney, Samantha JordanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Heck-Howard, Katharine ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Heimburg, Madeline GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Helms, Allison KathrynArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Henderson, Danyelle AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Henderson, Zachary MartinArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hendricks, Madison LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Herring, Steven KyleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hess, Danielle Business & EconomicsDean's ListY
Hess, Sara HopeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hester, Damon ChristopherEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hickman, Hannah GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hicks, Kenneth WayneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hickson, Shanice TwaneeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Higgins, Kelly DarleneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hill, Patrick MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hillis, Jaclyn KellyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hinckle, Emily PageArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hinson, Lauren AmandaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Hively, Lindsay NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hobbs, Tristan DavidBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Hodges, Harley ThomasArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hodges, Jeanne LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Hodges, Lacy MagdaleneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hodges, Mercedes LynArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hoffmeister, Clayton DanielArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Hogan, Callie ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Holayel, Saarah MartaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Holdsworth, Sara MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Holland, Alexander JockBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Holmberg, Derek EdwinArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Holmes, Tanae JaneseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Holmes, Tristan GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hommey, Madison LeeArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Hopewell, Anna ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Horlock, Kyra LeighEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Horton, Landen LewisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hosay, Liliah EnglishEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Hottinger, Jonah MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Houngbeke, Light Marie MadelineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
House, Tiffany MarieBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Howard, Cecelia LorraineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Howard, Jordan LeighEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Howard, Leah FArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hubbard, Emily AnneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hubbard, Erin BarriBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Hughes, Deonte MitchellArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hurtado Vargas, Grecia SayuriBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Hutchins, Christina EileenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hyatt, Lauren AshleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Hyle, Cody RyanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hylton, Nicholas WadeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hyman, Joseph AndreiArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Hynson, Allison MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Illa-Nieves, Alexandra Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Iraheta, Helen MarisolBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Irvin, Johnryan GrayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Irwin, Daniel ChristianArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Iskowitz, Nathan OliverEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Ives, Angel RayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jackson, Andraya Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Jackson, Jessica AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jacobson, Taylor MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jago, Abigail RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
James, Haleigh AlexandraArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Janney, Linda ElaineEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Jefferson, Kaelyn GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Jeter, Kelly BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jewette, Krysta ShardeyArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Johnson, Abigail DavisEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Johnson, Brandyn AntonioArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Johnson, Devon LamontEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Johnson, Hannah VirginiaArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Johnson, LaNikka LeeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Johnson, Laura IreneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Johnson, Melvin OdellEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Johnson, Ryan JoesphArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Johnson, Tahjdriana KArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Abby SueEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Jones, Benjamin MichaelBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Jones, Britteny SkyeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Caroline AugustaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Cassidy LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Jones, Derek TaylorEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Jones, Emilee SuzanneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Kara MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Krystal LeighEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Jones, Maia NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Jones, Najamah AaliyahArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Joseph, Haily LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Joss, Dana DoloresArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Joyce, Caylee LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Joyner, Helen ParkerArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kamen, Sarah HaleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kante, Ibrahim KhalilArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Karnes, Morgan AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Karweik, Heidi KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Keane, Karyn JuliaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Keating, Anna GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Keeler, Taylor AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kelley, James TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kelly, Brianna MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Kendle, Sara SavannahArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kensy, Sarah JaneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
King, Amanda Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
King, Darcy MaeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
King-Cash, Samantha KaylynnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Kinkoph, Madeline ElaineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Kinsey, Kaitlyn DurretteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kinter, Makenzie MareneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Kinzel, Brenna ElyseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kirby, Maria MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kish, William HarrisonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Klepatzki, Haley AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kline, Katherine MariaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Knapp, Anna LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Knepshield, Tiffany ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Knight, Brady EdwardArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Knight, Kristen BrookeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Koehne, Devin MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Koenigsberg, Alison PageArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kohlmyer, Haley DomanicoBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Kolenda, Olivia Ash LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Kolpien, Samantha GraceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kondas, Charleigh ClaireArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Kosiorek, Kathryn MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Kozoyed, Chad ParkerBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Kriebel, Chase JohnstonEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lackey, Charlotte RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lacks, Sarah MichelleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lacombe, Kaitlyn MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Lambert, Ashlee KaiArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lambert, Benjamin ScottArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Landis, Kourtney DianeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Landry, Amanda LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lange, Kayla NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Langemeier, Logan NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lankford, April NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Lasala, Helena AdonaiArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Latane, Robert JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lauer, Nicholas Cole`Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lavinka, Alexa ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lawson, Sarah AnnaArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Lea, Shannon MariaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Leake, Carter AshleyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lee, Abigale MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Lee, Amanda NicoleBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Leeman, Mia JohannaBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lehman, Kayla ElisabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Leone, Carolina AiliseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Leong, Angeli Elizabeth RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lettau, Emily ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lever, Louise ClarkArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lewis, Madison RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Lewis, Ross MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lewis, Samantha JoanneEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Lewis, Taylor DouglassArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Liggon, Rex Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lim, Rachel SusanneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Lindsay, Madison LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Link, Michael JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lirette, Keith MatthewBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lively, Stephanie MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lockamy, Madison TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Logsdon, Marcia LennonArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Londrey, Ann TempleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lones, Alison RossBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Long, Kaitlyn AshleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Long, Kira ShianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Loomis, Katie RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lowman, Margaret AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Lowry, Elisabeth LynetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lowry, Madison PaigeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Lucas, Kathleen MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lukitsch, Samuel JamesBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Lunardi, Aemelia LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lutz, Darby McKenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lyon, Dana KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Lyons, Shannon DanielleArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Macey, Hanna CatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Madar, Sydney MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mamo, Mahelet NegaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Manchester, Maurice BarryArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mancini, Molly ChandlerArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Mann, Cameron JordanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mannucci, Jerrod Briton JosephEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Manser, Lachlan Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mansfield, Ian CumingsArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mansfield, Megan JanelBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Manuel, Alexis PaigeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Maple, David AllenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marino, Seraphina MargueriteArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Marrin, Allison ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marshall, Wesley LeeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Martin, Mallory AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Martin, Sandra JillArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Martin, Schnika LanayEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Martinez, Ana LisetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Marzolf, Nicole WalshArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Mason, Jaylin MauriceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Mason, Kelsie Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Massie, Makayla GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Matherly, Tyler WilliamBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Mawyer, Brianah ShamirraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mawyer, Kahla MorganArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mayton, Megan JordanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mazzan, Samantha ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Mc Cleese, Kaitlyn MaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McAllister, Jawan TyreeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
McCann, Shawna NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
McCarty, Alyson LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McConnell, Kelly MargaretArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McGovern, Kathleen DunnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
McGuire, Leigh Ann HallArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McGuire, Richie GravesArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McIntyre, Autumn HaleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McKenna, Annalita MeloArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McKesson, Alexander WorthingtonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
McKnew, Julie AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McLachlan, Skylar AnnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
McPherson, Chase SamuelEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Meadows, Shalise AmariahArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Meek, Brianna LeaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mehalko, Olivia AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mehling, Carmen AlyssaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mele, Justice RandallEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Mellott, Donald EarlEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Meredith, Chelsea StanfieldArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Merone, Leah ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Mescher, Abigail ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Metzger, Lauren CatherineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Meyers, David WesleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Mickles, Aspen GraceEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Mihelic, Kayley AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miles, Danielle JoyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miller, Heidi DawnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Miller, Kathryn ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Miller, Samuel HardageArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miller, Sha'Rena La'Chandri Di'LoisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miller, Stephanie ClaireArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Miller, Taylor LarkArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Millon, Laura JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mills, Jalil JeromeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Mills, Jenna MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Millson, Christoffer BrianArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Millson, Daniel RobertArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Milstead, Laura MarieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Milton, Aniya Education & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Minasyan, Zhanna SergeevnaBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Minter, Jozie ReneEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Mitchell, Haley McKenzieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Mitchell, Sydney NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mizelle, Haley AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mohrmann, Ann TaylorArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Moin-Amin, Dara Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Monaghan, Dylon FrancisArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Monger, Elana DawnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Montgomery, Sandra ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Moody, Lindsey AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moore, Chelsea AnnaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moore, Jessica RArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moore, Justin RyanArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moore, Lindsay NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moore, Tina MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Moorefield, Mason LeighEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Moras, Sarah MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Morgan, Samuel CharlesArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Morgan, Sarah AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Morgan, Taylor ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Morgan, Zachary CrawfordArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Morra, Rebecca LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Morris, Rebekah AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moseley, Henley MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Moses, Amanda MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mosher, Riley WhiteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Mothersbaugh, Emily JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Moyer-Redd, Mary DEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Mulligan, Virginia KatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Murray, Olivia RayeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Myers, Bailey DianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Myers, Barbara AlexisArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Myers, Katlyn MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Myroup, Sarah GeraldineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Naccarato, Isabella AmerinaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Naff, Keira DanielleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Napier, Kevin AndrewEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Narron, Kayla NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Neklason, Elisabeth LynneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Nelson, Montana Mary ElisabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Newcomb, Hayley ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Newcomb, Jessica ReesonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Newell, Jekeyiba SechaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Nichols, Colton LeeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Nickels, Jacqueline MojulatArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Niepokoj, Samantha AshleyEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Nungesser, Jacklyn ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Nyland, Edel UnaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
O'Brien, Brandon WilliamBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
O'Connor, Olivia RoseBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
O'Donnell, Malia StephanieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
O'Toole, Laura MurphyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Odell, Mallory ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Ormsby, Curtis WilliamArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Osterman, Samantha LayneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ostrowski, Kelsey JuneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Ottavio, Charles PatrickEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Ottaway, Alana ChristineBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Ouellette, Makenna RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Overby, Jessica YArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Overstreet, Autumn MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Overstreet, Hannah FaithArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Owens, Savannah LeeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Paasch, Sierra NoelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Padgett, Jaclyn LoisArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Parker, Erin ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Parker, Halle DenelleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Parks, Brooke LaurenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Parriott, Geoffrey RaymondArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Parsons, Lauren BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pata, Rachel MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Patterson, Amanda CatharineArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Patton, Trisha LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Paulette, Ashlyn BrookeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Payne, Brittin MichelleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Payne, Emily ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Payton, Amanda GraceEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Pearce, Madison LaineBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Pearce, Morgan LynneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Penner, Kayla BrookeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Perdue, Alexandra RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Peroulas, Morgan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Perzanoski, Christopher DanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Peters, Lauren BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Peterson, Jon RichardBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Peterson, Kayla ReneeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Petrella, Catherine CynthiaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pfamatter, Charlotte AnneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Phelps, Dallas MorganEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Phillips, Amanda GayleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Phillips, Cole WilliamBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Phillips, Tiffani KathrynEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pierson, Jenna ChristineEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pigg, MacKenzie GrayEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pilkington-King, Brianna PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Piszczek, Lesley SarahArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Plichta-Kellar, Jesse CarrollArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Plucinski, Katherine EleanorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Pompeo, Allison PaigeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Poole, Zachary DeanEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Portale, Alexandra InezArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Poston, Sierra NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Potter, Conner Ray NormanEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Potts, Nicholas LoganArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Powers, Alexis MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Powers, Amber LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Prem, Hannah LockhartBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Preston, Abbie LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Price, Courtney PaigeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Primmer, Angelica MarieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Prince, Bethany AnneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Pritchett, Jasmine CierraEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Puccinelli, Elizabeth KathleenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Pullin, Alexis HayleyEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Pumper, Kelsey RoseEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Puryear, Meredith LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Quinn, Chase AustinBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Ramirez, Dylan KyleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Ratliff, Kate ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ratliff, Lauren DanielleBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Ratliff, Rayjon DominicBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Raub, Celeste MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rauchwarg, Danielle BriannaArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rea, Madison KarenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Reaver, Carrie NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Redd, Morgan NoelArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Reekes, Sutton DillardArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Reeves, Ashli GwaltneyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Reff, Carley AlleeceArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Reighard, Ashton ChristopherBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Reimers, Jacob HenryBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Remington, Caitlin MorganArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rew, Jaime ReneeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Rhea, Susan AubreyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rice, Samuel StephenArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Richardson, Lauren NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Richardson, Leanna GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Richardson, Searra MianeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Ridpath, Pamela CaseyArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Rife, Caitlin McKenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Riley, Arwen DestinyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rimel, Earl ChauncyBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Rinald, Victoria ElaineEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Ripp, Casey ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Rivenbark, Jamie LynnArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Roberts, Hannah FayeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Robertson, Breanna NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Robertson, Joseph ZackaryArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Robertson, Paige MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Robertson, Sara ThomasEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Roblewsky, Cameron RenaeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Roetken, Sara HartisEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Rollison, Taylor NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Rosenbaum, Crystal LynArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Rossi, Anthony DanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rowzee, Madison PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Royster, Hollyn LloydArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rozmus, Angela TheresaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Ruddick, Haley KirstenArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rufle, Amanda NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Rugen, Zachary JamesArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Runion, Harrison GrayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sada, Cyan MillsArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Salazar-Abarca, Evelin GisselEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Sanchez, Paul AlfonoArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sanfilippo, Jessica LeighBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Santry, Margaret ColleenEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Saunders, Sarah HArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Saunders, Victoria MargaretArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Savas, Jessica Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schaub, Jessica AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Schenkelberg, Hanna AliseEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Schiano, Abigail JaneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Schirmacher, Alexa IrisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schlachter, Natalie AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schlunz, Juliana MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Schmidt, Kendall ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schmitz, Madison RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Schofield, Liam HarrisonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Schultz, Haley NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Scott, Alaina NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Scott, Harley AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Scott, Laia TikiraArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Scott, Megan RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Seawell, Kathleen OconnerEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Seay, Madelyn ClaireBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Sechrist Barrera, Nisamar Arts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Senft, Chloe ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sergi, Zachary AntonioArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Shaffer, Kristianna NavanicaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sharpe, Davis JamesBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Shartzer, Julie PaigeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Shaver, Whittney DawnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Shea, Brendan LynchArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shelton, Faith ChristinaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shepherd, Austin AlexanderArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Shibley, Julianna MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Shifflett, Lauren BruchEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Shifflett, Olivia DianeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Shirey, Victoria MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Shotwell, Lindsay MalaineBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Shubert, Jordan AlexisArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Shuford, Meagan ReneeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Shui, Tianyi Business & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Shukrallah, Ashley ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sierra, Irbin Derek MoralesEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sikora, Nathan AustinArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Sipe, Ashley DianeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sisson, Katelyn MarieEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Sivils, Amy LeighEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Slater, Reghan ElisabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Slaydon, Sarah AshleyEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Slayton, Erin MorganArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Slocum, Allison KarenArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Smalley, Breanna NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Smith, Alexia CheraeArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Smith, Averie ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Smith, Brady CarolineArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Smith, Chelsea NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Smith, Coley AmberArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Smith, Jessica LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Smith, Mia NicoleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Smith, Sarah ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Solanke, Jonathan AArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Solomon, Samantha JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Somers, John RobertArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sorrell, Kyle LawrenceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sorrells, Katelyn CarleneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Sosa Garduno, Esteban Arts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Souder, Abbygail RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Soule, Meredith LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Southworth, Megan LevellArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Sparrock, Lindsey StellaArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Spence, James McFarlandArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spencer, Destiny BrookeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spencer, Sarah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spicer, Zachary HughesArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Spivey, Ryan MarkArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spradlin, Kate McKinzieBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Spradlin, Kellen ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListY
Spradlin, Savannah JoyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Spurgeon, Noelle ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Stair, Madison NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stamper, Tia ReneeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Stanley, Makayla VictoriaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Stanzione, Abigail McNee EmersonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Starke, Kwaneisha La'ShayArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Stech, Sarah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Steele, Peyton AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stenback, Lexi KEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Stephens, Sara BennettArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stinnett, Erin TylerArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stinnett, Hunter LaceyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Stith, Destiny BreannaEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Stone, Summer MckenzieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Stragand, Kristen LArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Strasshofer, Zachary JamesBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Stretz, Sheyenne MackenzieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Strock, Mariah GraceEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Strum, Adriana RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Stuckey, Kendall HarlanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Suarez, Alizaih Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sullivan, Caitlin AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Sullivan, Cortney LynnEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Sullivan, Sarah MargaretEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Summa, Nitalia RoseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Summers, Madison NEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Swafford, Tyler FrankArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Swan, Abygail ArlineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Swanson, Ellie CatherineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Swiney, Michael JayArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Swinsky, Catherine MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Swinson, Rachel MicheleArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Switzer, Heather MariaArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Szwed, Adam JacksonBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Taber, Cassidy SuzanneArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tagert, Cassandra ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tarkington, Raigan Arts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Taylor, Hannah EmilyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Teague, Bailey ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tebo, Haley ConstanceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Thomas, Dana NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Thomas, James DylanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Thomas, Sarine Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Thomas, Shane JeremyEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Thomas-Harris, Taylor BriannaEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Thornton, Kelsey AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tignor, Dorian FaithArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Timbers, Riahna LeniseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tirado, Gabriela MichelleEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Tisdale, Alexis WBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Toddy, Cameron ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Toler, Leanna ElizabethBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Toler, McKenna ChaseEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Topping, Amanda WallaceArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Torpy, Samuel BashamBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Treadway, Sarah JewellineEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Tropiano Ramirez, Stephany RobisolArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Trossi, John WilliamArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Trowbridge, Amy ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Truban, Celeste MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Truini, Leigha MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tryon, Robin IanArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Tuck, Hannah MarieBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Tucker, Bethany KayArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tucker, Casey CochranArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Tucker, Ellen JaneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Tucker, Haley NicoleArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Turner, Tanna NicoleEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Tyler, Amanda JoyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Ukrop, Chad AaronArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Van, Lee RichardArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vanhook-Davis, Tamiya AfinateArts & SciencesDean's ListN
VanLear, Jennifer NArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vansickle, Michael BrendanArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vaughn, Abigail JoyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Venn, Claire WellsEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Venta, Marija Arts & SciencesDean's ListY
Verbeke, Taylor AlexisEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Verdone, Marco JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Verstraete, Leonie Lydia LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vest, Helen TaylorArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Vial, Rachel MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Volpe, Michael StevenBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Vrhovac, Sarah ElaineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wagner, Jamie MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Waldrop, Mary AllysonArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Walker, Alexis LynnEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Walker, Claire ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Walker, Lindsey AnneArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Wallace, Lucy GraceEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Walston, Gina KathleeneArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Walters, Clair ReneeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListY
Walters, Deborah GlennArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Walton, Grace LeannArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Walton, Jacklyn McKinnleyArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Wang, Andy Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wang, Jin Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Ward, Sarah MadisonArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Ware, Christopher MichaelArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wassenberg, Diana MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watson, Brett LewisEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Watson, Jamesha EarlvetteArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watson, Shelby ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Watts, Zane MyersBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wawrzyniak, Olivia ClairArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Weaver, Heather LeeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Weaver, Paige ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Webb, Ashley NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Webb, Brianna Rose-MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Webber, Rebekah LynnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Weeks, Hailey MichelleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wellman, Mary Lynn RatcliffEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Wells, Brittany EstepArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Wells, Jordan PatriciaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wescott, Michaela LillianEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
West, Madilynne MaeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListN
Wharam, Cassie MicheleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wheeler, Jodie AnnArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Whirley, Lucas WayneArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Whitby, Lauren AmberArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Whitby, Nicole MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, Amber FayeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, Brian JosephArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, Courtney MarieArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
White, Megan ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
White, William ValentineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Whiting, Leslie MarieEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Whitley, Erin ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wickman, Victoria RoseArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Widdows, Amy CatherineBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wilcox, Kristin ElizabethEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Williams, Brittany ReneeEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Williams, Callie ChristineArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Casey AnneBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListY
Williams, Cullen PfeifferArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Lauren AynsleyArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, McCoy Arts & SciencesDean's ListN
Williams, Morgan HayleeArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Williamson, Naomi GarrettArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Willis, Violet AlexandraArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Winfield, Sydney NicoleBusiness & EconomicsPresident's ListN
Wise, Jennifer MarieArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Witham, Rachel ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wolverton, Hannah ElizabethArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Woodmancy, Natasha EliseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Woods, Alexandra GraceArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Woodson, Bryana MckenzieArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Woodward, Chloe EliseArts & SciencesDean's ListY
Worford, Joel WhitneyArts & SciencesPresident's ListY
Worrell, Shannon NicoleArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wren, Carly CansinoArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wrenn, Jenna PaigeBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wright, Amanda LouiseArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wright, Melissa LynneBusiness & EconomicsDean's ListN
Wright, Sarah Elizabeth HopeEducation & Human ServicesPresident's ListY
Wyatt, Karley RaeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Wyman, Cabell ElizabethArts & SciencesPresident's ListN
Yasnowsky, Kaitlyn PaigeArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Yates, Kelsey LeighArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Yeager, Christopher DanielArts & SciencesDean's ListN
York, McKenzie StewartEducation & Human ServicesDean's ListN
Young, Brielle AlexisArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Zhang, Qingyue Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Zhang, Yefan Business & EconomicsDean's ListN
Zimmerman, Carrie AlyssaArts & SciencesDean's ListN
Zion, Lauren RachelArts & SciencesDean's ListY

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