The following update was sent to students on Thursday, July 15.

Dear Students,

As we move closer to fall classes, we hope you are having a good summer. Longwood is eager to welcome you and start on a much more normal semester.

The key to a normal semester, in the classroom and across the campus community, will be widespread vaccination against Covid-19. That is why Longwood is including Covid-19 among its vaccination and health requirements for the coming year.

If you have not been vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to get your dose soon, in order to be fully vaccinated by the time classes start. Remember, some vaccines require two doses, and you are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the second dose (or two weeks after a single-dose of the J&J vaccine). If you need help finding a vaccine, go to

Later this month we will send every student a link where you must either confirm you have received the vaccine, or agree that you will follow certain guidelines based on state and other official guidance. You must complete this form. For those who are 1) not vaccinated, 2) fail to complete the form, or 3) claim a religious or health exemption, you should assume you will be required to wear a mask when around others and quarantine for 14 days if contact exposed. You may also face limitations on travel or participation in certain student activities and events, or be required to participate in testing for Covid-19. These conditions will apply to all Longwood students who have not confirmed they are vaccinated, including those claiming a religious or health exemption, regardless of whether you live on campus or off-campus. The exact requirements will be based on ongoing public health guidance and will be communicated closer to the start of the semester. As conditions and guidance change, the requirements may also be updated. Following them will be required by the Student Code of Conduct.

In short, there is a pathway available to you to attend Longwood in person this coming year without being vaccinated. There is no doubt, however, that the pathway will come with real restrictions and inconveniences. So if you are on the fence about getting vaccinated, please do so soon. And it will enable you to participate fully in Longwood life during this coming year.

We continue to monitor public health guidance and conditions, and will over this coming year continue to be in regular communication.

If you have questions about the vaccine requirement, please email

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