Kara Parr '23 is capped by friends

Convocation, the annual kick-off of the new academic year and a celebration of the senior class, is a uniquely Longwood tradition unlike any other. It features elaborately decorated mortarboards made for seniors by a special “capper” and unveiled at the ceremony.

The class of 2023, along with their families and friends, gathered Thursday on Wheeler Mall, which was a colorful sea of caps decorated with meaningful mementos representing treasured memories of Longwood and looking ahead to future careers.

The caps designed and made for this year’s class didn’t disappoint, with some standing tall atop students’ heads and others featuring strings of photos that reached to the ground. Each one as unique as the senior whose head it rested upon.

“I love that my cap is decorated in pink and purple, my favorite colors. It is special because it shows a lot about my time at Longwood. My capper is my mom because I wouldn’t be here without her.”

Aiyana Henson ’23


“The 20-sided die from D&D is my favorite thing on my cap. Around the die are cut-outs of game pieces from a board game that I created, and on the strings are some of the characters from the game.”

Dusten Wood ’23

Graphic and Animation Design

“The lights around the edges actually light up, like a theater marquee. My boyfriend helped design my cap but my dad was my capper. He was so excited for it.”

Crystal Mobley ’23

Theater Education

“The law scales represent my pre-law minor and my plan to attend law school! My capper is my best friend of 21 years.”

Amber Bruce ’23

Political Science/Pre-Law

“The grand piano is actually a music box and it plays music. I love that it has lots of photos of my buddies and music wrapped around it.”

Tyler Cosley ’23

Music Education

“My cap has tacos on a stick from iCarly. And she made little cats with little shirts just like the guy who usually holds the stick. I like Mexican food and cats!”

Claire Anderson ’23

Therapeutic Recreation

“I love the globe that has all the animals and all of the places I’ve traveled. It’s just awesome.”

Brady Hurlich ’23

Special Education

“I love the family photos on my cap—they are the people most important to me.”

Amari Riddick ’23


“My cap represents my majors and my time at Longwood. I love books and traveling, and I’m in the Stampede Pep Band. My sunglasses are there because I’m never without them! My capper is my mom, Sheila Seagle.”

Ireland Seagle ’23

English/Professional Writing

“The nursing scrubs with my BSN, RN name tag mean the most to me! My capper is my sister and my future nephew—she’s pregnant!”

Ashley Ford ’23


“My favorite part is the quote–it takes a big heart to shape little minds–since I’m going to be a teacher.”

Tamia Daniel ’23

Elementary Education and Teaching

“My cap has the car that I drive—a red mustang—and photos of my family.”

Gabriel Slayton ’23

Business Management

“My favorite thing is they photoshopped my face into the pictures with Harry Styles. Volleyball is the biggest thing that I’m involved with here, so I love that.”

Rebecca Peasley ’23


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