With the state budget not yet finalized earlier this month at the time of the year-end meeting of Longwood University’s Board of Visitors in early June, the Board acted on a university budget for the upcoming year that contemplated modest increases in tuition and mandatory fees, while keeping Longwood’s average rate change over the last eight years among the lowest of all public universities in the Commonwealth. Longwood’s Board approved at the time an increase of tuition of 2.9 percent for in-state undergraduates, or $240, based on a 30-credit yearly load.

Since 2014, even as inflation has grown substantially, Longwood has averaged increases of tuition and mandatory fees of just 2.1 percent annually, competing with Virginia Tech and Virginia State among the Commonwealth’s public universities for the lowest average change over those years.

As the state budget process has now finalized ahead of the new fiscal year with generous increased general fund support for Longwood, the university foundations supporting Longwood have also taken actions providing more than $1 million in new scholarship and financial aid funding, for in-state undergraduate students fully offsetting the $240 tuition change for the 2022-23 academic year regarding cost of attendance.

“For eight years, Longwood has done everything we can to keep any tuition increases as low as possible, and we are proud of our track record as leaders in the state on that measure,” said President Taylor Reveley. “The financial burden on our students and families is always forefront in mind, and we are proud to keep costs as low as possible.”