Summer is an exciting time for new Lancers—a time of hope for new beginnings and anticipation of what the future holds. We asked 21 incoming freshmen to tell us what they are looking forward to most about Longwood and one interesting fact about them. Their answers underscore that the incoming Class of 2027 is among the most diverse and talented that we have ever welcomed. (click/tap to reveal)

Meet the Longwood Class of 2027…

I was in a music video for a winner of "The Voice" for 2 seconds when I was 8.

Jiovanni Raymond, Kinesiology, Applied Health Sciences Professions Concentration

I enjoy going on walks and hanging out with friends.

Kenyi Cisneros Balboa, Nursing

I want to become a forensic psychologist.

Kailyn Snyder, Psychology, German Minor

I’m a firefighter and also part of the Air Force.

Tyler Johnson, Business Administration, Economics Concentration

I'm looking forward to the many club opportunities and daily life as a Lancer.

Alexandra Allwood, Nursing

I already have my CNA license and my career goal is to become a physician assistant.

Ashley Balducci, Biology, Pre-Medical Concentration

I'm looking forward to joining club football and club rugby.

Garrick Gagner, Political Science

I am looking forward to the traditions.

Katie Conroy, Elementary Education & Teaching

I'm looking forward to making connections here at Longwood!

Jake Gaston, Elementary Education & Teaching

I danced competitively for 12 years.

Taylor Blount, Communication Studies, Digital Media Concentration

I'm going to be on the new outdoor track team for spring 2024.

Mark "Junior" Betts, Biology Major, Criminology and Criminal Justice Major, Cyber Security, Forensics, and Policy Minor

I chose Longwood because of the close-knit family dynamic and genuine relationships.

Allison Bernau, Nursing

I’m most excited about experiencing games in the new Joan Perry Brock Center!

Jonathan Ryan, Business Administration, Management Concentration

I am a 4x8 state champion in track and a silver medalist in speech competition.

Rowan Kirk, Exploratory Studies

I love writing songs and poetry.

Melissa Howard, Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration

My parents met on the Longwood riding team.

Ella Escobar, Kinesiology, Applied Health Sciences Professions Concentration

I love to ballroom dance and do crafting.

Sarah Lee, Early Childhood Education

I play electric guitar, drums and electric bass.

Kyle Harvey, Graphic and Animation Design, Animation, Simulation, and Time-Based Media Design Concentration

I'm looking forward to being in a new community and making lifelong memories.

Eternity Taylor, Communication Sciences and Disorders

I chose Longwood because it felt like home.

Stephanie Jennings, Elementary & Middle School Education & Teaching

I am from Santa Clarita, La Union in El Salvador and have been living in the U.S. for 6 years.

Emmely Soto Cruz, Criminology and Criminal Justice

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