How long are courses? Do you offer shortened terms?

Courses are typically 15 weeks in length (fall, spring, summer). We do not offer shortened terms.

What is the cost?

Cost for in-state students is $280/credit hour and $355/credit hour for out-of-state students.

Where can I find the required textbooks?

You can search the Longwood bookstore for the required course materials.

Are the courses asynchronous or synchronous? Will there be specific meeting times?

Our courses are completely online and are asynchronous. You will not meet at specific times, but there are specific due dates you will have to meet per the syllabus.

I am registered, how do I access my course?

Longwood uses Canvas as its learning management system. You may begin attempting to access your course a few days early, but many instructors don’t open the course until the first day of class. Be sure to log in to your Longwood email at least twice a week OR have it forwarded automatically to an account you check frequently.

I have taken the required prerequisite at another college/university. I’m receiving a “Prerequisite and Test Score Error”. How do I register for my class?

If you would like to take a course that has a prerequisite and have taken the required prerequisite(s) at another college/university, please complete the SLP Prerequisite Waiver Request Form. Once received, we will review the request, along with your transcript, to determine prerequisite satisfaction. You will receive an override notification via email.

I am trying to register for a course that is closed. How do I request an override?

If you would like to take a course and ALL sections are closed, please complete the SLP Closed Course Override Request Form. Please note that requests will only be reviewed if all sections are closed. We will not accommodate requests for specific instructors and/or sections. Once your request has been reviewed, you will be notified via email.

Will taking these courses guarantee admission to Longwood’s SLP master’s program?

No. Please see Communication Sciences and Disorders, M.S. for additional information.

Do the courses transfer to all graduate programs?

We offer classes that will mostly be required by graduate programs. While we have never had an issue with classes transferring to students’ graduate programs, we recommend you have the classes you wish to take approved if possible to ensure a smooth transition.

How do these courses impact my undergraduate GPA?

These courses will NOT impact your undergraduate GPA. If you are transferring these SLP Online courses to another college/university, please contact that institution to verify the impact your grade(s) may have on your GPA.

Is financial aid available for these SLP Online prerequisites?

Under specific conditions, financial aid is available. You must file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Please contact Longwood’s Office of Financial Aid at, (434)395-2077 or toll-free at (800)281-4677 for more information.

How do I request my official transcript?

Request your official transcript from the Registrar’s office for $10 per copy.

Questions regarding your Longwood transcript? Please contact the Office of the Registrar at  or by telephone at (434)395-2580.