As we prepare to resume in-person classes this fall, we are faced with a unique set of challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our success depends on everyone’s full cooperation with and commitment to these guidelines. The following pledge was designed by a student group that is representative of the many communities within our student body, including your Student Government Association President, Brandon Bowen. Remember that we all sign an Honor Code, and, by agreeing to this commitment, we are all pledging to take precautions for our community’s health and so that we can stay on campus the whole semester.

Please note that you need to start asking yourselves daily health-screening questions (in item No. 2 below) 10 days before coming to campus. Do not return to campus if you answer yes to any of these questions.

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I commit to following these guidelines:

  1. I will follow the directions of the University Health Center for reporting symptoms, receiving care and self-isolating as directed.

  2.  I will begin answering daily screening questions 10 days before arriving on campus and then every day throughout the semester. If I answer yes to any of these daily health-screening questions, I will contact the University Health Center:

    • Are you currently experiencing a fever (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher)?
    • Are you currently experiencing a new cough?
    • Are you currently experiencing a new shortness of breath?
    • Are you currently experiencing new chills?
    • Are you currently experiencing a new sore throat?
    • Are you currently experiencing new muscle aches?
    • Have you had a loss of taste or smell?

  3.  I will practice recommended physical distancing between others and myself.

  4.  I will wear a face covering that covers my nose and mouth at all times when indoors in classrooms, labs and other public settings, and when outdoors in the presence of others.

  5.  I will assume permission to remind anyone to wear a face covering or social distance, including a faculty or staff member.

  6.  I will not host or attend gatherings off campus where safety guidelines cannot be met.

  7.  I recognize the importance of practicing good personal hygiene (washing my hands frequently, not touching my face, etc.).

  8.  I will adhere to posted capacity limits for all campus spaces including lounges, meeting and study rooms, and common spaces.

If I live in Longwood-managed housing, I also commit to these guidelines:

  1.  I will wear a face covering at all times while in Longwood-managed housing (except when in my assigned living space).

  2.  I will not host guests, including family members, unless they are current members of my residential community.

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