Rebecca Caufman
Adjunct Faculty-CEHS
caufmanrl@longwood.eduEducation and Counseling
Bob Chambers
Construction Inspector 395-2090Campus Planning and Construction
McCorkle 117
Timmy Chambers
Utility Plant Specialist II 395-2350Facilities Operations - Heating Plant
Heating Plant 101
Paul Chapman
Professor of Education 395-2052Education and Counseling
Hull 218
Scott Chapman
Associate Professor of Theatre 395-2762Theatre
Sarah Charles
Info Technology Spec I 395-2279Facilities Management - Business Operations
Bristow 211
Kathy Charleston
Assistant for Special Projects 395-2255
Greenwood Library 141
Thomas Chase
Trades Technician III 395-2368Facilities Operations - Heating Plant
Heating Plant 101
Wai Chau
Spider Battalion ROTC
Leslie Cheatham
Farmville Emergency Communication Center

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