Kenneth Pestka
Associate Professor of Physics 395-2717Chemistry and Physics Department
Chichester Science Center 208B
Angela Peterson
Adjunct Faculty-CBE 395-2042College of Business and Economics
Tim Pierson
Vice President Emeritus 395-2487
Eason Hall G08H
Ron Pike
pikere@longwood.eduCollege of Business and Economics
Alex Piper
Assistant Early Childhood Teacher 395-4868Andy Taylor Center for Early Childhood Development
Andy Taylor Center
Tom PlaHovinsak
Associate Professor of Economics 395-2160College of Business and Economics
Hiner 206
Stephanie Playton
K-8 STEM Specialist for the Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices 395-2915Institute for Teaching Through Technology& Innovative Pract.
ITTIP/Hull 109
David Pletcher
Capital Outlay Engineer 395-2297Campus Planning and Construction
McCorkle 130
Laura Poe
Assistant Professor of Information and Security 395-2778College of Business and Economics
Hiner G13B
Gabriel Poindexter
Associate Director of RCL 395-2991Residential and Commuter Life
Eason Hall G13M

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