Becca Wetmiller
Assistant Professor of Accounting 395-4990College of Business and Economics
Hiner 104-4
Angela Whaley
David Whaley
Design Director 395-2024Academic Affairs
E Rotunda 125
Ethan Whaley
116 N Main St
Angela Whitaker
Admin Office Specialist III 395-2490Office of Student Conduct and Integrity
Eason Hall G08E
Jennifer Whitaker
Assoc Director for Alternate Teacher Pathways 395-2195Academic Affairs
Jonathan White
Assistant Professor of Chemistry 395-4890Chemistry and Physics Department
Chichester 308E
Kenneth White
Adjunct Faculty-CEHS
whitekd2@longwood.eduEducation and Counseling
Kirstin Whitely
Associate Professor of Therapeutic Recreation 395-2979HARK Department
Willett 104K
Jenny Whittaker
Adjunct Faculty-CAS 395-2194Mathematics & Computer Science

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