New Lease on Life

Kathy Hansen Fox ’85 was ecstatic when she got the news: Her daughter Reilly had been assigned a room in Curry Hall for her freshman year at Longwood.

  • Dr.Tim Pierson, vice president for student affairs, began his career at Longwood in 1992 as dean of students.
    Contrary to Popular Opinion

    You’ve heard the stereotype: millennials—a population group that includes today’s college students—are “entitled.”

    Curry & Frazer Memories

    With air-conditioning, spacious closets and a private bath for each two-room suite, curry and Frazer were considered luxurious when they first opened in 1969 and 1970, respectively.

  • V. L. Cox
    Conversation Piece

    Art is at its best when it begins a conversation, says Rachel Ivers, executive director of the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts.

  • All About Networking

    Whether it’s finding the right internship, getting answers to career-related questions or looking for that first (or second) job, sometimes it takes having the right connections.

  • hall of fame 3
    Someone To Look Up To

    Coach. It’s a small word that comes with big expectations and big responsibilities.

  • HSF Osprey
    Polishing a Gem

    "So far in my study, it looks like the Machodoc River, which we are on, has a population of 100 adult ospreys and approximately 8-10 bald eagles, with two speckled eagles and possibly 8-10 young chicks, also 50-100 osprey chicks."