From the President

From the President

If you’re visiting campus after an absence of even just a few years, you’ll notice quite a number of new and wonderful buildings and spaces. In all of them, we have worked hard to carry forward Longwood’s distinctive spirit. In that vein, I am especially proud of the new statue of Joan of Arc, created by acclaimed Scottish sculptor Alexander Stoddart, which was dedicated in November and now stands formidably at the south end of Brock Commons.

In this issue of the magazine, Matt McWilliams delightfully recounts the story of Longwood’s proud history with our patron hero, dating back more than a century and now extending to three beautiful statues. The article explains why so many students here over the years have found a deep connection with Joan of Arc—a strong young woman, determined to overcome the obstacles and prejudices before her and assume the mantle of leadership.

Traditions matter. Here at Longwood, they tie together the generations of students and alumni with an enduring bond. Even as institutions grow and evolve, traditions remind us of the fundamental and timeless strengths at their hearts. Perhaps above all, traditions help create and preserve our special sense of community, which, in the experience of the many alumni in my family and in my own experience as president, has proved the essential ingredient in what so many love about this place.

Longwood’s faithful honoring of Joan of Arc is among our strongest and most enduring traditions, and this latest statue is a remarkable addition to our campus, powerfully strengthening this connection for a new generation. Come see it for yourself. It is a world-class piece of sculpture that on its own is worth the trip. And there is so much else here that is new as well—from residence halls to the Upchurch University Center to our soon-to-open new admissions building across High Street from the Rotunda. All of it reflects the best of our past as well as the future. 

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