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You’ve got about an acre and a half of land that’s overgrown with vines, brush and other vegetation. You need it cleared out, but you don’t want to use chemicals or heavy machinery. Who ya gonna call? Goat Busters, of course. The company, based in Afton, showed up on a Tuesday afternoon in October and unloaded 65 nannies (female goats) and two guard dogs in the area on the north side of Midtown Landings.

Goat 2

Everything was clean as a whistle by Friday night, said Dave Love, Longwood’s director of landscaping and grounds, who had heard of others using goats as an environmentally friendly way to clear dense vegetation. In addition to doing a great job, the herd proved to be a popular roadside attraction. A sizeable number of schoolchildren, teachers, townsfolk, police officers and Longwood employees and students couldn’t resist stopping by to get a closer look at the bleating ‘Bush Hogs’ as they put their seemingly endless appetites to work, Love said.

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