The Sons of Solomon

by Jason Norton ’96

Reminiscent of the “pulp literature” genre of the 1930s that spawned The Shadow and The Green Hornet, this “fun action-adventure story is in the same vein as Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark,” said Norton, adding that he “grew up a big comic book fan.” Aimed at teens through adults, this first installment in a planned series features cover artwork by Norton’s friend Chris Burke. Norton, a massage therapist and personal trainer who lives in Powhatan County, also has published about 25 short stories, mostly horror or science fiction, in print and electronic formats, as well as adapted for audio or podcasts.

Published by Pro Se Productions, softcover, 147 pages.


Don’t Give an Inch: The Second Day at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863— From Little RoundTop to Cemetery Ridge

by Dan Davis ’05, Chris Mackowski and Kristopher White

Part of the Emerging Civil War Series, the book examines what Davis calls a “critical moment” in the pivotal battle, including “brutal” fighting on Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, the Wheatfield, the Peach Orchard and Cemetery Ridge on the southern end of the battlefield. The series, which won the Lt. Gen Richard G. Trefry Award from the Army Historical Foundation in 2016, tries to hook people’s interest through engaging, introduction-level books. Davis, who lives in Fredericksburg, has coauthored several other books in the series.

Published by Savas Beatie, softcover, 192 pages.


STEM Research for Students (Volume 2): Creating Effective Science Experiments, Engineering Designs, and Mathematical Investigations

by Dr. Virginia Vimpeny Lewis ’92, associate professor of mathematics education; Dr. Paula Klonowski Leach, director of Longwood’s Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices; Julia Cothron, Ronald Giese; and Richard Rezba

The book is designed to help students expand their research skills through active investigations. Connections are made to mathematics through the analysis and interpretation of data and through STEM perspectives in each chapter. The book is appropriate for high-school courses, as a guide for home-schooled students (all materials for experiments are easily available) or for teacher-preparation courses and professional development.

Published by Kendall Hunt, softcover, 376 pages.


A Little Blood, A Little Rain

by Mary Carroll-Hackett, associate professor of English

These prose poems “move like meditations between what we want and what we think we want, what we love and what we’ve lost,” said one description. Carroll-Hackett, who teaches creative writing, has published several other poetry books, most recently Trailer Park Oracle, and a collection of stories, What the Potter Said. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in more than 100 journals.

Published by FutureCycle Press, softcover, 70 pages.


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