"Gangs provide a family atmosphere for kids who are looking for a family."

Edward Ryan, gang prevention coordinator for Fairfax County, Summer Institute for School Nursing, July 2017

"When I found out my best friend was selling the drugs my mom was strung out on, I just went along. You’re going to have to learn how to speak up and step back and separate."

Cliff Crosby, motivational speaker and former NFL player, Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Project conference, July 2017

"People ask me if I always wanted to be a writer. I think I did, but being an author is different from being a writer."

Hannah Barnaby, young adult author, Longwood Summer Literacy Institute, July 2017

"The truth sometimes makes me angry, but I’d rather know the truth and be angry than be ignorant and happy."

Mark Fenderson, financial and educational consultant, Call Me MISTER Institute, July 2017

"The subtext of my reporting is that I want you to be good citizens. Often the media wants you to be good consumers, but my advice is to recognize that and seek out the information that helps you be a good citizen."

David Folkenflik, author and National Public Radio reporter, President’s Lecture Series, October 2017

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