A Single Blow: The Battles of Lexington and Concord and the Beginning of the American Revolution, April 19, 1775

by Rob Orrison ’98 and Phillip Greenwalt

This is the first book in the Emerging Revolutionary War Series, cofounded by Orrison. The series is geared to the general public, with the goal of sparking an interest in history. “We encourage readers to visit the sites listed in the book,” said Orrison, historic site operations supervisor for Prince William County. He is vice president of the Virginia Association of Museums, the author of two Civil War books and a contributor to the Emerging Civil War blog. Published by Savas Beatie, softcover, 192 pages.

 Single blow - book cover

Death for Beginners

by Mary Carroll-Hackett, professor of English

This book of poetry, featuring “delicately powerful evocations of the author in communion with the dead,” has been called “poignant and heartbreaking ... poetry of consoling wisdom and luminous originality.”Another critic praised its “wisdom distilled into stunning imagery.” Carroll-Hackett, who teaches creative writing, is the author of several other books of poetry, mostly recently A Little Blood, A Little Rain, and a collection of stories, What the Potter SaidPublished by Kelsay Books, softcover, 60 pages.

Death - Book cover

Making Room for Leadership: Power, Space and Influence

by Dr. MaryKate Morse ’70, professor of leadership and spiritual formation at Portland Seminary at George Fox University

Described as “original and insightful,” this is “both practical and a superb study of the gift of power for leaders.” The Christian-focused book explores different types of power, how each can be used for good and harm, and how people gain and give leadership in group settings. Morse, who speaks on leadership at conferences and retreats in the U.S. and internationally, is lead mentor in a doctoral program at a multidenominational seminary. Published InterVarsity Press, softcover, 215 pages.

 Leadership - book cover

The Common Core Grammar Toolkit: Using Mentor Texts to Teach the Language Standards in Grades 9-12

by Dr. Sean Ruday, associate professor of English education

Ruday’s seventh book, and his third Grammar Toolkit book, is a guide for teaching high-school grammar in connection with literature. “It’s about how authors use grammatical concepts—for example, how a relative clause is used in Wuthering Heights,” he said. “Merging grammar and literature, rather than seeing them as separate, is more meaningful for teachers and students.” Ruday is co-president of the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar. Published by Routledge Eye on Education, hardcover, 166 pages. 

Grammar - book cover

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