'The problem is, we as a society are not getting the real story. … You don’t see the long-term outcomes announced because they go against the whole story we’ve been told [about the effectiveness of psychiatric drugs].'

Robert Whitaker, award-winning investigative journalist and author of Anatomy of an Epidemic and Psychiatry Under the Influence, April 2019

'I realized I was in a very significant position … to give an illustrator the opportunity to create a piece of artwork that gets reproduced no less than 20 million times. That’s great exposure.'

Antonio Alcalá, Art Director for the U.S. Postal Service, Rosemary Sprague Visiting Designer presentation, April 2019

'I try not to judge—not to portray any characters as good or bad, but as real people, like you and me, making choices and living with them.'

Ron Rash, Author of Burning Bright, NEA Big Read author keynote lecture, April 2019

'Education is not just about securing a means or a way to earn a living. It is also about learning to be a citizen and developing yourself more fully as a person.'

Skip Griffin, civil rights pioneer and education advocate, Undergraduate Commencement, May 2019

'Everything we do touches someone else because we don’t live as hermits. We’re social creatures, and we can affect each other’s lives in wonderfully positive ways.'

Brian Ball, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Graduate Commencement, May 2019

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