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News Feeds

Receive News Updates Automatically via RSS

What is RSS?

RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") is an easy way for you to be automatically notified of new content on a web site, thus avoiding the need to revisit to check if new content has been added. Users add RSS feeds to their feed readers and newly added content appears in the feed reader whenever it is posted on the web site. Seeing how users usually subscribe to multiple feeds, the feed reader is an aggregator that allows the user to read all of their feeds from one convenient spot.

What RSS feeds can I get from Longwood regarding news and events?

You can subscribe to the following RSS feeds (click the feed to subscribe or read further instructions below):

 News Releases
 Longwood in the Media News
 Faculty & Staff News

What do I need to receive RSS feeds?

You will need an RSS reader. RSS readers come in various forms with most of them being free of charge. A quick search in any search engine for 'rss readers' or 'feed readers' will produce a long list of both Web-based readers and feed reading software. In the right sidebar is a list of free services that you can use (clicking on the feeds above will also reveal a list of RSS readers to subscribe with):

How do I subscribe to your feeds in my Reader?

To Automatically Subscribe

Click the appropriate feed (that you wish to subscribe to) above under What RSS feeds can I get from Longwood regarding news and events?. This will take you to the feed, along with options for automatically subscribing with specific readers. Then select the appropriate button or option for the reader you wish to use!

To Manually Subscribe

For most readers this is how it works... Some (such as the Safari browser) operate differently. For exact instructions, consult the help files or support Web pages for your specific reader. Right-click on the feed above under What RSS feeds can I get from Longwood regarding news and events? and select the 'Copy Shortcut', 'Copy Link Location' or 'Copy Link' (or similar) depending on the Web browser you are using. Open your feed reader and follow the steps to add a new feed. When it asks for the feed URL or address, paste the copied address into that space. Continue the steps to add that feed to your feed reader. The reader will usually indicate whether you have been successful in adding the feed. That's it.

You're done! You will now begin to receive new notifications in your feed reader.


Free RSS Readers

Web-based feed readers:

Windows feed readers:

Mac feed readers: