Our center is housed in the newly renovated ground floor of the Lankford Building in the heart of Longwood University's campus. You’ll enter our center through the historic Longwood doors, through our “Hall of Documentation”, and into our community learning space known as the “Piazza”.

Renovations include

  • Five classrooms
  • Our Atelier- Reggio Emilia Inspired Art Studio
  • Music and Movement Studio
  • Two observation rooms, that overlook our pre-k classrooms



Our classrooms are carefully designed to promote active learning experiences for young children. The classrooms are set up in learning areas where children can explore their interests, conduct investigations, and engage with thought-provoking materials. Documentation of student learning is made visible so families can follow along with current learning inquiries and classroom projects. Our PK classrooms are equipped with an observation booth, allowing families to see their children in action.

Each of our classrooms is named for a type of tree native to the Farmville community.

  • The Dogwood Room is home to children ages 4 years old to 5 years old
  • The Maple Room is home to children ages 3 years old
  • The Oak Room is home to children ages 2 years old
  • The Magnolia Room is home to children ages 16 months to 23 months old
  • The Hickory Room is home to children ages birth to 15 months old

Art Studio

Art Studio

In the Art Studio, our students create, explore, and express themselves through art. Children have the opportunity to visit the Art Studio daily, where they are able to freely choose from a variety of materials with which to work. Painting with watercolors, sculpting with clay, and weaving with fabric are just some of the many options that children are able to explore in the Art Studio

Outdoor Playground


Spending time outdoors is an important part of the educational experience.  Children spend time daily in our outdoor playground space, visiting our outdoor garden, and taking walks in the surrounding neighborhood.


Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.