Learning Based Technologies

Longwood maintains licenses and provides in-depth training and technical support for the following technologies.

From Canvas to Zoom, the DEC is always willing to assist students with their learning based technological needs.


Canvas is a web-based learning management system, or LMS. It is used by students to access and manage online learning materials and communicate digitally with your peers and faculty. Canvas has created a student guide to help you navigate the system and answer questions you may have. 

Canvas Student Guide


Panopto is an online tool that links directly into Canvas and allows students to easily record and submit video assignments. With Panopto, students can record multimedia presentations as homework assignments using their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The student resources below can help you get started:

Poll Everywhere

When Poll Everywhere is used in a learning environment, it gives each student a discrete way to voice their opinions and comprehension. 

Students must use a computer or personal cell-phone to respond to Poll Everywhere questions within a course setting. The student is responsible for any text-messaging rates or charges that may apply to their mobile-phone account. 

Faculty who opt to use Poll Everywhere will provide students with additional information.


WordPress is an online platform for creating blogs and personal websites. Students can create personal websites and then manage and maintain them on their own.

Students can add video, images, and text to their site and choose a variety of options to customize the content.

Once content is created, it is the student’s responsibility to keep track of the changes and material located on the site.

When a student leaves Longwood University, their content will be available to copy to a personal WordPress site for one-year. 





Zoom in an online web-conferencing tool.

As a student, you can visit https://longwood-edu.zoom.us/ and sign-in with your Lancernet credentials to access a basic Longwood Zoom account.

Zoom cloud recording is not available for students; however, local recording is available to all users.

Respondus Lockdown Browser + Monitor

LockDown Browser is a locked browser for use with quizzes in Canvas. It prevents you from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during an assessment. If a Canvas quiz requires that LockDown Browser be used, you will not be able to take the quiz with a standard web browser.

You may be required to use LockDown Browser with a webcam, which will record you during an online, nonproctored exam. (The webcam feature is sometimes referred to as “Respondus Monitor.”) Your computer must have a functioning webcam and microphone. A broadband connection is also required.

Student Quick Start Guide - Installation and Use of the LockDown Browser + Monitor

What is LockDown Browser? The Student Perspective. 

Download Respondus LockDown Browser

**Access to LockDown Browser is NOT supported on Chromebook devices.**