An introductory, semester-long research experience for students who may want to pursue more advanced research and inquiry projects in the future. Students will also be introduced to the process of designing and conducting independent research and inquiry projects through concurrent enrollment in a one-credit RSCH 200- Introduction to Research and Inquiry course.

Faculty mentors will introduce students to the research process and research topics in their discipline and supervise an independent student research and creative inquiry project.

At the end of the program, students will summarize and share their research and inquiry projects through presentation at the Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry, submission to Incite, or submission of a proposal for the Longwood Senior Thesis program.

What is URAP?


Faculty: URAP is open to tenured and tenure-track faculty members, clinical educators, and lecturers from all disciplines, programs, and colleges. Faculty-student teams are limited to one faculty member and one student. Faculty may mentor more than one student in a semester if the students are working on different projects.   

Students: URAP is open to all first-, second-, and third-year full time undergraduate students in good academic standing who will return to the University for the next academic year. Students graduating in the current academic year are ineligible. 


  • Students will register for 1-credit of research in their discipline AND for the 1-credit RSCH 200- Introduction to Research and Inquiry class.
  • Students are expected to spend 3 hours per week on their research and creative inquiry project including having weekly in person meetings with the faculty mentor.
  • Students are also expected to spend 3 hours per week attending the RSCH 200 class and completing required assignments and activities.

Program Requirements

Program Benefits

  • Learn how to conduct a research or creative inquiry project and how to summarize and communicate findings effectively
  • Gain hands-on knowledge and application of information literacy and research principles, a competitive and tangible asset for graduate and professional school applications, and an attractive skillset for future employers
  • Explore academic and career interests through faculty mentorship, all while learning to think in creative and innovative ways​
Student looks through microscope

What do students say?

Sandy Burrill, ’24, Psychology
“This program provided me with the invaluable opportunity to learn the ins and outs of conducting research with the one-on-one guidance of my faculty mentor. I not only strengthened preexisting research skills but also learned a plethora of new ones specific to qualitative research, creating an academic poster, creating a manuscript of peer-review quality, and presenting my research."


Students should electronically complete and submit the completed application to the Office of Student Research by February 26, 2024 by 5 p.m.

There are several designated spots for student projects focused on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) research topics.

APPLY Fall 2024 URAP Application (doc)

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