Longwood roommates Teresa Carter Brown ’84 (middle) and Janet Harrell Monahan ’86 (right) hadn’t seen each other for 36 years when they wound up in adjoining seats at a Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball game this summer.

It was Virginia Peanut Night at The Diamond, and Monahan and her husband, Kevin, a peanut farmer, had traveled to the game from Surry County to pass out complimentary samples of the evening’s featured legume. That’s when Teresa caught a glimpse of her former roommate and fellow elementary education graduate.

Their being at the same baseball game was an amazing coincidence in itself (neither Teresa or the Monahans are Squirrels regulars), but it gets better. Teresa and her husband, Rohn Brown ’84 (left), were seated right next to the Monahans in Section 111, Row L (L for Longwood Lancers, of course).

Needless to say, the game itself was just a backdrop for a marathon “what-have-you-been-up-to” conversation spanning 36 years.