Global Leaders Organization Overview

Interested in meeting new people, gaining global perspectives, learning another language, developing intercultural communication skills, building foundations for lasting friendships, and/or sharing your study abroad experiences?

The Global Leaders Organization is for you!

If you have studied abroad, you know that living in another country for an extended period of time can be daunting. By making a connection with international students early on in their stay, you will make them feel welcome and help ease their transition into a new culture. Regardless of whether you have studied abroad or are planning to do so (we highly recommend it!), you will learn from each other as you develop intercultural skills that will help prepare you for living, studying, and working in the 21st century.

Who can be a Global Leader?

YOU! Any Longwood student may apply to be a Global Leader.

What are the responsibilities of a Global Leader?

  • Mentor new students
  • Assist all international students with integration
  • Serve as a resource for on-campus activities, leadership opportunities, and academic classroom culture
  • Assist the Center for Global Engagement in its international recruitment efforts
  • Participate in activities offered by the Office of International Affairs

See the categories of service below for more information.

Will I be trained?

Yes! Global Leaders will be trained by the Center for Global Engagement staff to help you gain cross-cultural skills and be a good mentor.

How can I apply?

Please complete the Global Leaders Application here. We look forward to reviewing your application!

Categories of Service

Mentor for new international students

  • Assist with airport pick-up and orientation
  • Attend regular meetings with mentees
  • Make connections for students with other clubs/organizations

Cultural Ambassadors

  • Assist with recruitment efforts
  • Assist with study abroad orientation and re-entry
  • Participate in social activities for international students and/or study abroad students


  • Orient international students to U.S. classroom culture
  • Work with Peer Mentors to assist international Longwood Seminar students
  • Serve as a Conversation Partner to ESL students
  • Assist students pledging academic and service organizations