2024 Longwood International Film Festival

Film nights return to Farmville with 6 selections for Spring 2024!  All films will be shown at 7:00 p.m. in their original language with English subtitles at the High Street Theatre, 102 ½ High Street. Admission is free and open to the public.


March 15: Peninsula (Korea, 2020).  The follow-up to fan-favorite film Train to Buasan, Peninsula follows the exploits of a group of survivors who return to a post-apocalyptic Korea four years after the zombie outbreak that devastated the country in the previous film.

March 22: The Day of the Beast (Spain, 1995). A priest hatches a plan to stop the birth of the antichrist, but he’ll have to prove that he’s a sinner in order to infiltrate the forces of evil first.  Along the way, he recruits a metalhead and a TV psychic to help him on his mission to save the world in this wild horror-comedy by writer-director Alex de la Iglesia. 

March 29: Les 400 Coups (France, 1959). A seminal film of French New Wave Cinema, Les 400 Coups (The 400 Blows) is the directorial debut of renowned French auteur Francois Truffaut. This coming-of-age drama is widely hailed as one of the most influential films of its time and is considered by some to be among the greatest films of all time.  

April 5: The Raid: Redemption (Indonesia, 2011).  Things go from bad to worse for a squad of police officers tasked with arresting a dangerous crime lord when they find themselves trapped in the middle of a high-rise building filled with murderous criminals.  The Raid has gained a devoted following among fans of action and martial arts thanks to its stellar fight choreography and writer-director-cinematographer Gareth Evans’ innovative camerawork. 

April 12: Miss Minoes (Netherlands, 2001). This family-friendly comedy follows the adventures of Minoes, a cat who suddenly finds herself transformed into a human one night.  After she befriends Tibbe, a local journalist, the two team up and begin to collect all the most interesting news around--with extra help from the town’s cats. 

April 19: The Robber (Austria, 2010). Inspired by the actual exploits of one of Austria’s most notorious criminals, The Robber explores the life of a man obsessed with two great passions: robbing banks and running marathons. 


The 2024 Longwood International Film Festival is sponsored by the Center for Global Engagement, Greenwood Library, and the Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences.