Junior music major and percussionist Sam Harrison worked this summer as the department head manager for Camp Laurel's music program, known as Rockport, in Maine. Laurel is a general residence and outdoors summer camp for kids aged 7-14, also offering an abundance of arts programs.

Sam worked with a staff of musicians from around the world, guiding campers and staff to grow as music teachers and role models. Each day consisted of six teaching periods, open for Sam to create a musical atmosphere of his own design. Students were eager to come back each day to work on their music.

Sam and his staff utilized a full recording studio, multiple practice rooms, a large rehearsal room, and numerous instruments to meet student needs and match their passions. Students experienced Rockband, music production and recording, songwriting, individual instrumentation, performing live, and created a music video with an original song.

"It was an incredible experience," Sam wrote. "The work was extremely rewarding, and these are only some of the amazing things we were able to accomplish with and for the kids this summer."