Epic Rap Battles of History, the uber-popular YouTube channel that has garnered millions of views on its hilarious (and informative!) videos, is coming to Longwood on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The duo, who go by the stage names of Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter, will perform several of their hit “rap battles.” Students get in free, and tickets are available for faculty, staff and community members. More information on tickets here.

In the spirit of their appearance, here are five of our other favorite educational-but-fun channels:

Minute Physics

Think of it as a short burst of knowledge that can inspire or confound you–or simply make you see the world a little differently. Channel creator Henry Reich explains one physics (or mathematical) concept using paper and markers in a way that’s easy to understand. Our favorites: How To Subtract By Adding and Why Raindrops are Mathematically Impossible. Fun tip: Reich is also the force behind Minute Earth, which is just as cool.

Sci Show

Everything you need to know about the most pressing questions science has to offer: from Why Are There Animals On My Face to Why Does Rain Smell.

The Brain Scoop

Emily Graslie gives us an insider’s look into one of the most renowned museums in the world: The Field Museum in Chicago. She’ll take you on a winding journey through the museum, covering everything from squirrel taxidermy to ants in love to moths vs. butterflies. Watch two of them and try to get the theme song out of your head…we dare you


Our world is amazing, and VSauce proves it. From questions that you may have already pondered, like Could Humans Become Extinct? to ones you haven’t even fathomed, like What is the Speed of Dark?, VSauce has the answers–and the math–to explain. Fascinating stuff.

In A Nutshell

In a Nutshell makes you think about the world in a different way than ever before. What makes you different from a rock? Really. What makes you different? They put out one animated video a month, and it’s at the top of our playlist.

What other educational-but-fun channels should we add to our playlist? Comment below.

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