“The Reading, Literacy and Learning Program was not just an investment in our education, but also an investment in the education of our students.”

Catherine Ciucci, M.Ed. '18
6th grade teacher, Chickahominy Middle, Hanover County

“I chose RLL because I wanted to become a certified Reading Specialist with a strong foundation in the Science of Reading which Longwood offers. In addition, the comprehensive and competitive online program was exactly what I was looking for!”

Jeannie Baier M.Ed.’23

“When deciding where I wanted to pursue my Masters, The Reading, Literacy, & Learning program at Longwood very quickly made its way to the top of my list. The program is based on science based research that is current and up to date. The classes focus on real world application, instead of just reading through a textbook. All of the classes are offered online, some with a synchronous weekly or bi-weekly virtual meeting. This allows for a personal connection with the professors and other students. I have grown immensely as an educator and a student from this program. I am so happy I chose to attend Longwood and complete the RLL program.”

Rachel Antonio M.Ed.‘23

“The Reading, Literacy & Learning Program was the best decision I made as both a Longwood student and overall as an educator. I not only grew immensely in my understanding of reading and literacy, but I have never felt more support and guidance by the professors in this program. From hybrid courses, to hands on learning, this experience helped me grow from a nervous first year teacher so a confident professional”

Kelsey Paulus, M.Ed. '17
Kindergarten Teacher, Bellwood Elementary, Chesterfield County