The Office of Student Research and Student Showcase Organizing Committee is happy to announce the recipients of the Best Student Presentation Awards for the Fall 2021 Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry.

These students were selected to receive this award out of more than 200 presentations.


Pre-Recorded Independent Research Presentations:

1st- Briana Scott, Alyandra Lee (Biology, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erin Shanle)

                Testing the role of WFS1 in calcium regulation in Drosophila cells

2nd- Noel Preece (Kinesiology, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robert Blaisdell)

                Effects of Repeat Sprint Exercise on EMG Activity in Leg Muscle Groups among a Variety of Athletes: A Pilot Study

3rd- Mu’minah Fulani (Psychology, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tim Ritzert)

                Mindfulness meditation on the effects of the Trail Making Tests


Live, In-person Independent Research Presentations:

1st—Harry Caldwell (History, Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Coles)

                The World After

2nd- Haley Smith (History, Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Coles)

                The Imperial Japanese Military: A New Identity and Military Power into the 20th Century, 1853-1922

3rd- Sage Church (Environmental Science and Biology, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sujan Henkanaththegedara)

                Exploring the ecology and life history of the point endemic Chowanoke Crayfish (Faxonius virginiensis) in Dinwiddie County, Virginia


Live, In-person Class Project Presentations:

1st- Rachel Cannon (Spanish, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Javier Fernandez Urenda)

                Literatura Española Durante La Edad Media

2nd- Suzanne Stetson (English, Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Miller)

                Reconciliation Reader Response and Feminism in Late Twentieth-Century Erotic Historical Romances

3rd- Jacob Farmer-Rylands (History, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Isaac)

                Matilda of Tuscany: Battling the English and Eleventh-Century Misogyny


Pre-Recorded Class Project Presentations:

1st- Kelly Jarratt (Civitae Scientific Perspectives- Biology, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erin Shanle)

                Risk Assessment of Anaconda Copper Mine

2nd- Hannah Wright (Health, Athletic Training, Recreation, and Kinesiology, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jenn Cuchna)

               Comparison of Surgical and Nonsurgical Interventions for Acute Achilles Tendon Rupture: A Critically Appraised Topic

3rd- Hope Willingham, Margaret Pass (Special Education, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Aftab Khan)

                Do as I Say, Not as I Do


Pre-Recorded Senior Seminar Class Project Presentations:

1st- Jacob Shope, Audrey Lemons, Payton Davenport (Psychology, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarai Blincoe)

                The Effect of Compliment Type on the Estimated Value of the Compliment

2nd- Brian White (Biology, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Fink)

                Reconstructing Isotelus rex, the Largest Trilobite Ever

3rd- Silvia Omboni, Kate Lopez (Psychology, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarai Blincoe)

                Impact of Cell Phone Use during Face-to-Face Social Interaction



Congratulations to the award recipients and to all of the students who presented their research and creative inquiry projects at the Fall 2021 Student Showcase!

To learn more about the Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry, check out the Student Showcase website or contact Amorette Barber, Director of the Office of Student Research (